9-11: The Anatomy of a Great Deception

June 26, 2014

Dave Hooper on his 9-11 film “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”
Video Link - youtu.be/g0vHjr_qysU

David Hooper is making a film about 9-11 entitled “The Anatomy of a Great Deception.” Hooper, a relative newcomer to 9-11 truth since 2011, is making the film to show how he woke up to the 9-11 deception. As he explains in the opening of the short video above, his growing awareness of the 9-11 deception caused serious problems in his relationships with his wife, family, and friends. The film is a documentary of one man’s discovery of the 9-11 deception and how this awareness changed his life. This is a message that will surely resonate with millions of people who have gone through the same life-changing experience and awakening.

This looks like a very worthwhile endeavor and Dave Hooper is trying to raise funds for the film, which is due to be released in September 2014, through his website at: www.theanatomyofagreatdeception.com/ and crowd-funding at www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-anatomy-of-a-great-deception 

Dave Hooper’s film is supported by Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, an organization of 2,200 architects and engineers who are dedicated to exposing the lies about what really happened on 9-11.


The Anatomy of a Great Deception, website for the film project

Richard Gage on the film “The Anatomy of a Great Deception,” YouTube.com, June 2, 2014

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