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January 3, 2008

On Fictional Elections & Taking Our Republic Back

– On The Urgent Need to Take Our Elections Back

By Christopher Bollyn

It is always the interest of a far greater part of the nation to have a thing right than to have it wrong; and therefore, in a country whose government is founded on the system of election and representation, the fate of every party is decided by its principles.
As this system is the only form and principle of government by which liberty can be preserved, and the only one that can embrace all the varieties of a great extent of country, it necessarily follows, that to have the representation real, the election must be real; and that where the election is a fiction, the representation is a fiction also. Like will always produce like.

– Thomas Paine to the Citizens of the United States, Letter V, January 29, 1803


“Where the election is a fiction, the representation is a fiction also,” Thomas Paine wrote in 1803, “Like will always produce like.”

Born and raised in Chicago and suburban Cook County, and having run for office in my hometown, I know something about fictional elections. Election fraud is a fact of life in Chicago and Illinois. It is the way to power for ambitious men and has been for a very long time. Illinois is a state where elections have long been criminal and fraudulent.

“Like will always produce like,” as Paine wrote. Sure enough, the politicians in Chicago and Illinois reflect the criminality that brought them to power. It is not at all uncommon in Illinois for the former governors and mayors to be charged and imprisoned on serious crimes — after they leave office. This is also how it has always been in my hometown of Hoffman Estates.

Tonight, the presidential race of 2008 officially begins with the Iowa caucus. We now know that Voxeo, a foreign company connected to the Israeli military, controlled and tallied the Iowa caucus results in 2004. The Iowa caucus results from 2004 were clearly manipulated to benefit John Forbes Kerry, the dark horse Democrat from Massachusetts who went to Iowa lagging far behind in 5th or 6th place, but who, quite unexpectedly, won the caucus.

Will Voxeo and the Iowa caucus cheat the American people again in 2008?

They will unless they are stopped by the good people of Iowa. The only hope to prevent another Iowa fraud is that the good people participating in the caucus do their own reporting and conduct their own tally of the results. The people of Iowa and the United States don’t need or want the Israelis to tally their caucus.

The rest of the race is history. The fraudulent caucus results from Iowa created the utterly fake race of 2004. George W. Bush, the pro-war unelected incumbent was challenged by his good buddy from their secret homosexual society at Yale University, Skull & Bones.

The Israelis running Voxeo gave the Iowa caucus to Kerry. He ran as a pro-war Democrat whose only argument about the war was how to fight it more effectively. With two perverted Skull & Bones buddies running for office, Kerry was part of a conspiracy to deceive the American people by running a fake race.

In this way, the real burning issues of the day, for example America’s Middle East policies and involvement in the illegal and disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, were effectively removed from the debate.

Four years later, our republic is in increasingly dire straits. The second unelected administration of the dictatorial George W. Bush has made plans to continue the illegal wars of occupation in the Middle East until at least 2017. The Israelis must be pleased.

Some 4,000 Americans have already died in these costly and unnecessary wars on top of the thousands who were killed in the false flag terror attacks that were used to start them. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been disabled and maimed for life. Many more Iraqis have been killed and wounded. Half the Iraqi population is now homeless, severely distressed, or in exile. What is this war being fought for?

Our civil liberties are under attack from every quarter. The economy is in shambles, the infrastructure is crumbling, and millions of illegal immigrants live within our borders. The U.S. dollar is worth only half what it was in 2002, and is worth less than the Canadian dollar. At this rate, it will soon be on par with the Mexican Peso.

These, my fellow Americans, are the results of a criminal government, what I call a “crimocracy” – a government of criminals, by criminals, for criminals.

This regime of tyrants came to power in the same way that criminals have always come to power in Illinois – through fraudulent elections run by fellow criminals.

It is time for this nonsense to come to a screeching halt. The citizens of the United States need to remember that these are our elections and this is our government. There is no place for foreigners in our elections.

We need to insist that the Israelis and Venezuelans and their private vote-counting companies and their bogus software will not be tolerated to have any part in our elections. Their criminal conduct has been exposed and their days of stealing our elections are over.

Americans need to learn to be real patriots and jealously protect our nation in the same way they would defend their wives and children. We must guard our republic like a protective husband and prevent all enemies, domestic and foreign, from infiltrating and corrupting our elections and our government.

This is our sacred obligation as citizens of our democratic republic. If we are unwilling or unable to protect the integrity of our elections, we will lose our republic and our way of life – it’s that simple.

We must demand that our elections are open and transparent and refuse to accept any electronic voting machine systems run by secretive and foreign companies to steal our elections. This is what ES&S, Diebold, Sequoia, and the others are doing – they are part of a foreign conspiracy to control our elections and government.

Nobody will give honest elections to us: we must demand them as our right as citizens in our republic. Forget about the mass media, non-governmental organizations, the courts, or the government fixing this for us. They are the ones who have created this mess and who benefit from it. It is up to us, as citizens, to stand up and demand that our votes be properly and openly counted.

We must refuse to accept electronic voting machines and computer generated tallies in any way, shape, or form. If our counties will not return to hand-counted paper ballots, we must challenge them and conduct our own elections. We must stand up and resist the stealing of our elections in the same way that the Mexicans did. We must make noise and demand open and transparent elections.

We must demand that the ballot be simple and uncluttered. On Election Day, we should only be voting for president and our representatives at the federal and state level. Cluttering the ballot with county judges, local officials, and other issues and candidates complicates the process and gives the criminals an excuse for using their computer card vote-stealing machines.

Elections should be simple, clear, and frequent. In Switzerland, a truly democratic republic, elections are held 4 times a year.

Demanding hand-counted paper ballots is the only way to take back our nation peacefully. The ballots must be kept in plain sight at all times and openly counted in each polling station in front of the public immediately after the polls close. This is not difficult or time consuming. Each precinct has only a few hundred voters. This is the way democratic elections are supposed to be. There can be no compromise on this transparency in the vote counting. This is the sine qua non of honest elections.

This is what we must demand. In doing so we are only demanding what is rightfully ours as citizens. This is our republic and this is our government. If we all stand up and demand open and honest elections, with hand-counted paper ballots, we can save the republic and our way of life. It is the only way.

Christopher Bollyn (back to camera) interviewing the rather angry CFO of Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Mr. Tom O’Brien, in August 2004 at the company’s Omaha headquarters on John Galt Blvd. The CEO was unavailable for comment and the company that counts millions of American votes was unable to answer any questions or provide any press releases or information about itself. O’Brien was very uncomfortable being asked about the product his company sells.
Photo – Helje Kaskel

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