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Was Israel Involved in Weapons Smuggling on M/S Estonia?

Was Israel Involved in Weapons Smuggling on M/S Estonia? Unknown Middle Eastern Nation behind Smuggling of Advanced Russian Weaponry on Passenger Ferry by Christopher Bollyn 11 February 2005 The evidence indicates that the passenger ferry M/S Estonia had been used to smuggle people, drugs, and high-tech weaponry from the former Soviet arsenal.  One thousand civilians are estimated to have died when […]

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Estonia Relatives Need to Take Urgent Action to Save Litigation Process

September 25, 2013 Estonia sank on September 28, 1994, with 852 lives lost. Only 93 bodies were recovered. The bodies of more than 759 Estonia victims were left on the bottom of the Baltic Sea – in relatively shallow water. Nineteen years later, there still has been no trial in the court in Paris to determine who is responsible for […]

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The Sinking of MS Estonia – An Accident or a Crime?

MS ESTONIA ”  “852”28 september 1994 F o r e v e r   in   our   h e a r t sIn MemoriamEstonia Litigation The site was first infected by viruses and then made inaccessible in February 2009. The untold wealth of articles collected since 2004 remain unavailable. Efforts are made to restore the materials. While Helje restores the site, […]

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