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Towers “had help” coming down: Chief Engineer at Ground Zero

June 3, 2019 I contacted Martin Seigel (pronounced as Siegel) in my effort to find out more about a large and mysterious final load that was allegedly taken from the World Trade Center to a hazardous material disposal site near Niagara Falls in the summer of 2002. Having had no luck with the receiving side, I decided to contact the

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Netanyahu’s Terrorist Party and 9/11

May 1, 2019 Benjamin Netanyahu is the protégé of the terrorist and assassin Yitzhak Shamir and successor as head of the political party he ran with Menachem Begin. Shamir ordered the murder of Folke Bernadotte, the UN envoy to Palestine, in 1948. Photo of Netanyahu and Shamir from 1986. The terror atrocity of 9/11 did not simply fall out of

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