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The Murder of Kelly Thomas – Killed by Fullerton Cops

August 4, 2011 Kelly Thomas suffered from mental illness and homelessness until July 5, 2011, when police assaulted and TASERed him for “resisting arrest”.  Shocking: This picture shows the extent of the injuries Thomas received after being beaten up by six police officers in Fullerton, California. Eye witnesses at the scene claim the six officers tasered him five times and beat him beyond recognition,

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Cook County Cops Busted

 April 18, 2010 Here is a vivid example of the brutality of the rogue cops of Cook County.  This incident happened in Streamwood, a neighboring village of Hoffman Estates, my hometown.  In this case the video clearly shows the cop using excessive force on a person.  As typical of such cases, the victim of the beating was charged with resisting arrest, although he

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The TASER: A Police Device for Torture and Death

September 4, 2006 Say ‘Hello’ to 50,000 Volts by Christopher Bollyn The growing use by local police departments of the supposedly “non-lethal” TASER electro-shock weapon has caused the deaths of nearly 200 citizens in the United States and Canada. There are reportedly nearly 200 citizens of the United States and Canada who have been killed by the electro-shock police weapon

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