Censorship in the 9-11 Truth Movement

September 11, 2015

Last year, when I had a book table at the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance event in Oakland, people in the audience wanted the organizers to let me speak, even if for just 5 minutes, but there was obviously very strong resistance within the group that prevented that from happening. 

Ken Jenkins, one of the organizers, then told me that I would be invited to next year’s event, which is the one that happened yesterday.

I was not invited to this year’s 9-11 event, but Ken organized a separate event for me on February 24, 2015, in Oakland.  Now, I understand what I was not being told:  Ken Jenkins organized the separate event because the resistance within the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance to hearing what I have to say was so strong that he knew I would not be invited to their 9-11 commemoration event this year.

QUARANTINE THE TRUTH – The banner for Bollyn’s separate event in Oakland

Joe D’Angelo wrote:

Unfortunately, on www.noliesradio.org and their live broadcast streaming in San Francisco today with the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance - sf911truth.org, I am hearing none of who done it, none of what to do about what next, none of Christopher Bollyn, who does; nothing but stale ole info, which furthers nothing forward. What’s up with that? is what I wonder.

Minister Louis Farrakhan does not only speak about it, but he has outlined what we will do on 10.10.15 about it. This is not my opinion; it is my experience working in the field for many years. This is the Time and What Must Be Done, and I regret that you are not moving the matter forward, progressive as you want to think you are. 

I find myself disappointed in you, Allan Rees.

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