Comment about Disinformation Spread by Daryl B. Smith & Eric Hufschmid

I am making this comment to explain why I have not been a guest on the Internet “radio show” produced by Eric for “The French Connection” website of Mr. Smith.

The main reason that I cannot discuss my research and articles on the “radio” show of Smith is because the “French Connection” show and website have shown a tendency to provoke and promote violence. Obviously, I cannot allow myself to be associated with people that use provocative language and advocate the use of violence.

Discussing my research and articles is all that Hufschmid and “The French Connection” have ever wanted from me in the past. All the research and writing in my articles have been done solely by me.

Hufschmid and Smith gladly use the fruits of my years of labor and research to bring attention to their website and then sabotage my efforts to fund my research at the same time. Who would do something like that?

At the conclusion of my trial in June, I had the choice to either leave the Chicago area or face sentencing from the same judge who presided over my seriously flawed trial. I would have shown very poor judgment and only increased the already intolerable anxiety and agony of my family to have waited around for the other shoe to drop and been dragged off to Cook County Jail.

Despite the fact that Eric knows all of this, he has continued to post alarming comments on “The French Connection” that the Bollyn family is MIA, that we have been kidnapped or killed, and other nonsense of that nature.

Despite numerous emails and telephone calls to Eric, he and Smith have used their “French Connection” website to spread false news and alarm about me and my family. The website today, for example, has these comments:

“It has been months since anybody has seen the Bollyn family. If they are alive, where are they? How do they buy food? Do their children go to school? Do they pay rent? Why are they hiding from everybody?”

Do we know where Smith is or where his kids go to school, or whether he pays rent? Why are they asking these things about me? Why are they raising these doubts about me and my family?

At the end of each of my articles that they posted on their website, Hufschmid and Smith have posted this very unhelpful note despite my repeated appeals to remove it:

“Important: Christopher Bollyn and his famly (sic) is (sic) MIA.

Our reponse is here

Note: we are not sure what happens if you donate money or order books from Bollyn! He was providing his articles for free and depending on sales of his ABC book for children, and on donations. His charming ABC book is here.

“Please pass links to his articles, and try to find more people to join us in our struggle to expose corruption. Don’t let “them” get all of us! Show some concern!”

This “Important note” at the bottom of each article has effectively sabotaged my efforts to raise funds. Hufschmid and Smith are using my articles and then spitting on me by spreading false news and alarm about me and my family.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak on a radio show in Salt Lake City for an hour with Dale Williams, who was filling in for Barbara Jean on the “Born on the 4th of July” show on K-TALK (KTKK). It was a great opportunity to dispell some of these false rumors.

Most importantly, Hufschmid and Smith began sabotaging my legal defense fund immediately after my trial. This prevented me from raising the funds required to obtain the court transcripts that would reveal the lies of the police and malicious prosecution that I had been subjected to. It also nipped my attempts to appeal the guilty verdict in the bud.

Instead, Hufschmid and Smith launched a vicious defamation campaign against Dr. Linda Shelton, an independent court observer who had attended the last two days of my trial. Why would they do that? Since I was not allowed to talk or write about my trial before sentencing, Dr. Shelton’s thorough analysis about my trial was the only way others could find out what really happened.

Hufschmid and Smith urge the reader to show “concern” and pretend to be concerned for my family’s welfare and safety but they say that they don’t know what happens if you donate to me or buy my book!

This clearly shows that they are more interested in control than showing any “concern” for my well being or that of my family.

This is not the kind of help I need or want.

If you can see past the deception and mean-spirited disinformation of Hufschmid and Smith and would like to support my research and writing, please make a donation via or

Donations and letters can also be sent to:

Christopher Bollyn
3 Golf Center, #365
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169

Many thanks and best wishes,
Christopher Bollyn

 About the Bollyns’ Visit to Daryl B. Smith in France (2005)

To view the photo bigger, click here :

I visited the person known as Daryl Bradford Smith in November 2005 after the Axis for Peace conference in Brussels where I had been invited to speak. Smith had invited us to visit and said that he lived near Paris. When I checked into taking the train, however, I found that it would cost about $400 to make the trip one-way so I decided against going.

Eric Hufschmid and Daryl were quite disappointed to hear this and Eric offered to send me money to pay for the trip, so we travelled to Geneva and rented a car. I drove halfway across France to the small village where Smith lived.

We had Thanksgiving dinner with him and his wife and spent the night. The old farmhouse where he lived was being renovated so it was not convenient for us to stay more than one night. We stayed in Moulins which was on the way to and from Smith’s house. I don’t recall the name of his village.

While his wife Pascal was pleasant, Smith was suspicious and quite withdrawn. Suddenly, during the dinner, he turned to us and asked: “Why did you really come?” in a rather unpleasant tone. Yet it was him who had been urging us to visit since the spring of 2005.

During the visit, Helje asked Daryl if he had been to Vietnam. He said that he was too young for that. A little later he asked Helje, rather inquisitively, “Who told you I was in the military?”

Helje said that he just reminded her of somebody she knew who had been in Vietnam.

After our visit for Thanksgiving 2005, Smith spread malicious slander about me and my family to people that he knew through the Internet. He did not communicate with me for a year after our visit. Smith’s malicious slander found its way to the courtroom where I was on trial last spring.

Who is Daryl Bradford Smith? I have no idea.


Christopher Bollyn converses with former prime minister and
president of Lebanon, Salim El Hoss, at the Axis for Peace conference in
Brussels in November 2005.

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