Daryl Bradford Smith – The False Accusations of a Disinfo Agent

April 21, 2013

Well, here’s a deal. And this is between you and me, because we’ve been doing this a long time together. You have to come out and, and slam Bollyn every way you can, in my, in support of me. Every way you can. No compromise.… You don’t even know me man. You know something? Check my f–king criminal record. I’ll grab you by the neck, Eric. 
– “Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can,” Daryl Smith’s taped threat to Eric Hufschmid, 2007

Daryl Bradford Smith of “The French Connection” recently posted a false accusation saying that I had threatened his life. Smith is a known agent with a criminal record who has been slandering me since 2005.

I received the following message from Vincent Gillespie on Sunday, April 21:

Hi Chris, 
First of all, I have quickly looked at your latest post about the Boston bombing and it looks very interesting. I plan to look at it more carefully probably tonight. (Boston is less than two hours down the road from me.) 

But that is not the main reason for this email. I just saw that on iamthewitness.com the following message:

Christopher Bollyn has sent me and my wife a death threat, If you have any information to help with the investigation please contact me at Smith@Iamthewitness.com

I would guess that others have probably already told you about this but in case you don’t know about it I am letting you know.

Best wishes,


I had not heard about it and checked “The French Connection” website on April 21, but did not find the accusation. I did find it on the cached version of April 15. In this version Smith has added the words “or someone claiming to be him” to soften his very serious accusation:

Screen shot from “The French Connection” of April 15, 2013, in which Daryl Smith accuses me of sending him a death threat.

Daryl Smith’s accusation is preposterous but serious, which is why I am compelled to respond to it with this statement. It is utterly false. I have had no contact whatsoever with Daryl Smith since 2006 or early 2007.

Smith, on the other hand, has spread vicious lies and slander about me since I met him in France in November 2005. I was aware that he had told blatant lies about me to people after that visit but put that matter aside when I was asked to speak on The French Connection’s “radio show” with him and Eric Hufschmid to discuss my 9-11 research. I thought it was far more important to get the information out to the public than to hold a grudge against Smith for his slanderous comments.

As I wrote in my December 2007 article about Smith’s treachery, ‘Slam Bollyn Every Way You Can’ – Daryl B. Smith:

After meeting Smith, I repeatedly warned Hufschmid that this person clearly could not be trusted. It was obvious. Shortly after that Thanksgiving 2005 visit, Smith was already spreading malicious slander about me to somebody in Canada. It was very clear that Smith had an agenda from the beginning — to defame me and attack my credibility. I had no idea who he was working for, but he definitely was not a truth seeker and was clearly working against me.

During the summer of 2007, Smith completely revealed himself as an agent and articulated that his mission was to defame me and destroy my credibility in any way he could. After he went on his vicious attack, he tried to get Eric Hufschmid to support him and join the defamation campaign against me. Hufschmid resisted.

Eric recorded several of the phone calls in which Smith demanded that Hufschmid attack me. Smith made several clear threats on the life of Hufschmid and was evidently unaware that he was being recorded.

One would think that the taped phone call in which Smith clearly threatens Hufschmid to “slam Bollyn every way you can” would have ended Smith’s career in the 9-11 truth community, but it didn’t. He is still at it because it is his job. He, like others, is paid to attack me. Because this may be a bit confusing, I will try to explain Smith’s role as an agent.

Smith came into the 9-11 truth movement in 2005, after someone cleared up his criminal charges for various narcotics offenses in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. He then started his website, The French Connection, and with it’s online “radio show”, Smith gained entrée into the 9-11 truth movement, especially among those circles that had read my material about Israeli involvement in the false-flag terror spectacle. Then, after having achieved some credibility among online listeners and readers, he tried to discredit me with vicious lies and slander.

This is a well-known intelligence/progaganda tactic. Act like a mockingbird by imitating and copying the real source – and then turn against it and attack it. By having achieved some credibility and a following, the slander will be believed by some people and thus succeed in smearing the person being attacked. With others, the slanderous comments and character assassination will raise some doubts and suspicion about the person being targeted. Michael Piper from American Free Press does the exact same thing. It is precisely the use of this tactic by Smith and Piper that most clearly reveals that they are not working for the truth – but against it.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

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“Bollyn Responds to Malicious Slander of Daryl B. Smith,” September 2007

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