Is 9-11 Judge Working for Israel?

October 23, 2007

Alvin K. Hellerstein is the federal judge in the U.S. courthouse in Manhattan who is responsible for all wrongful death and personal injury cases filed by families of Sept. 11 victims.
Hellerstein was born in New York in 1933. Hellerstein graduated from Columbia College in 1954 and received his law degree from Columbia Law School in 1956. He was nominated by William J. Clinton on May 15, 1998 and confirmed by the Senate on October 21, 1998. Today, he controls all 9-11 victims’ cases, as well as the lawsuits filed by the thousands of New York City workers who became seriously ill or died as a result of their exposure to the smoking rubble.
More than 6 years after 9-11, not one victim’s case has gone to trial. Hellerstein has done everything under the sun to prevent a liability trial from occurring. In a most unusual move, for example, the first trials to be heard are only damages trial to determine the amount of compensation rather than to determine liability for the crime of the century.
Now, Hellerstein is tightly restricting the evidence that the plaintiffs may present at the first trial, as reported in the New York Times on October 18, 2007. Hellerstein ruled “that he would exclude some of the plaintiffs’ more sensational and speculative evidence” in the trial, which is to begin on November 5. Hellerstein’s ruling “was a blow for plaintiffs in this and possibly other wrongful death cases stemming from the attacks, and could accelerate the pace of settlements,” the Times reported.
Joseph Wayland, a lawyer for the airlines, told the Times that only 12 wrongful death cases remained.
In the first damages trial, the Ambrose case, Hellerstein ruled that the jury would not be allowed to see photographs of at least one of the hijackers and Dr. Ambrose separately passing through a security checkpoint at Dulles International Airport, where Dr. Ambrose’s flight originated. The victim, Dr. Paul Wesley Ambrose, died aboard American Airlines Flight 77. His parents have sued the airline, airport security companies, and others, arguing that the attacks could have been foreseen and their son’s death averted.
“It’s a very, very limited inquiry, and the judge is trying to make sure that liability issues and other matters that might distract the jury from the limited issue before them are kept out,” Wayland said. Excluding evidence and keeping the inquiry “very limited” is what the process overseen by Hellerstein has been doing for the past six years, since the 9-11 litigation began.
In the 9-11 litigation, Judge Hellerstein has a very serious conflict of interest, which the New York and national newspapers should investigate. Hellerstein is a dedicated Zionist with deep and long-standing family ties with the State of Israel.
A key defendant in the 9-11 litigation is Huntleigh USA, the airline security and passenger screening company that was responsible for the passengers that boarded the flights at Boston and Newark. Huntleigh USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ICTS, an Israeli company owned and operated by senior officers of the Mossad.
Judge Hellerstein’s wife is a devoted Zionist and his late sister Helene Mulhall left the United States to immigrate or “ascend” to Israel, as it is called in Hebrew (“aliyah”). AMIT, the Zionist organization Mrs. Hellerstein is a senior officer of, placed a death notice for Helene in the New York Times on October 23, 1998, which said: “Helene Mulhall lived a varied life, and through her personal Aliyah demonstrated her love for the people and State of Israel.” Aliyah means to “ascend” to Israel. The Hebrew term for to leave Israel means “to go down” – to the rest of the world.
Other Hellerstein family members have lived and died in Palestine since the early 1900s. The family of Alvin K. Hellerstein is clearly devoted to the Zionist state.
There is one document about Alvin K. Hellerstein that suggests that he has been working with the Israeli state since the mid-1950s. Because of the urgency of the 9-11 litigation, I am presenting this document with these comments. In the summer of 1956, as the Suez Crisis developed between Egypt and Israel, Hellerstein flew from Mexico City to New York with a plane load of New York Jews and a man named Sylvio Francis Damato.
The 1940s and 50s was a time when Mexico City was one of the key points through which U.S. military contraband and airplanes were sent to Israel – in violation of U.S. law. One of the key players in this weapons and airplane smuggling was a man named Hank Greenspun, whose son Brian was one of Bill Clinton’s best friends.
Photo: Zionist Weapons Smuggler “Hank” Greenspun 
As the PBS biography of Herman “Hank” Milton Greenspun (1909-1989) says in its Las Vegas series: “In March 1947, when he was 34, Greenspun was hired by Ben “Bugsy” Siegel to help churn out hype for the reopening of Siegel’s Flamingo Hotel. Greenspun needed the money and Siegel desperately needed the positive press.” Greenspun worked for the Jewish mobster “Bugsy” Siegel until he was murdered.
Photo: Jewish Mobster “Bugsy” Siegel
A few months after Siegel’s death, PBS reported, Greenspun became involved in the Jewish organization Haganah and purchased weapons from around the world and smuggled them to Palestine.
In 1947, with Zionist forces short of weapons, Greenspun bought and stole machine guns and airplane parts in Hawaii and accompanied them through Mexico to ship to Zionist forces in Palestine. As a Zionist weapons smuggler, Greenspun worked closely with other Jewish syndicate criminals in the United States at the time, notably Teddy Kollek, Yehuda Artzi, and Adolph W. Schwimmer.
Teddy Kollek raised money to buy weapons from his office in the Syndicate-run Copacabana Club in New York City. In one day in 1948, Kollek raised a million dollars in Mexico City to buy airplanes, according to his January 2, 2007 obituary in the New York Times. “There was a ban on arms exports to Israel, so dismantled airplanes, for example, were shipped as prefabricated houses.”
Photo: Brian Greenspun 
At the behest of his good friend Brian Greenspun, President Bill Clinton pardoned Al Schwimmer along with a host of other Jewish criminals before leaving office.
Photo: Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, and Brian Greenspun
The 23-year-old Alvin K. Hellerstein traveled from Mexico City in August 1956 when the Suez Crisis was getting very hot and at a time when U.S. weapons sales to Israel were banned. Given the fact that the Israelis used Mexico City for all kinds of illegal shipments of weapons and drugs, and seeing that Hellerstein is doing everything possible to protect the Israeli defendants in the 9-11 litigation, it is fair to ask: What was Alvin Hellerstein doing in the summer of 1956 and exactly what are his ties to the State of Israel?

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