Is this Thermate Exploding at the North Tower?

January 25, 2007 

The mysterious explosive white burst coming from the NorthTower is strongly indicative of Thermate bombs having been placed in the secure computer area where the first plane crashed. But there is more evidence of Thermite in photos of the stricken NorthTower.
Marsh & McLennan and the Greenberg Family
Marsh & McLennan, the insurance and risk brokerage company headed by Jeffrey W. Greenberg since 2000, was hit hard by the plane that struck the NorthTower of the WorldTradeCenter on 9-11. A reported 295 employees of the firm were killed that day.
Greenberg is a son of Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg, former chairman and CEO of AIG, and Director Emeritus and Honorary Vice Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Greenberg resigned as CEO of Marsh & McLennan in 2004 after the firm was charged with rigging, and as part of a lucrative kick-back scheme, “stifling competition,” according to then N.Y. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.
Maurice Greenberg was also indictable on a raft of charges until Spitzer said that there would be no prosecution of the charges against the patriarch of the Greenberg family. Spitzer went on to become the governor of New York.
Computer Room Hit on 9-11
On 9-11, Marsh & McLennan had a “large walled data center,” a secure computer room along the north and east sides of the 95th floor of WTC 1, the NorthTower. And that’s exactly where the plane hit. The plane struck the NorthTower right in the middle of the north face. The nose of the plane struck the 130th perimeter column at the 96th floor slab and something, perhaps the nose landing gear, carried on right through the middle of the building and severed three columns on the south side of the tower.
White Dust of Thermate?
An image caught on video immediately after the plane struck the tower shows a huge fireball engulfing the north face of the building where the plane hit. What is odd about this explosion is that there is little sign of burning jet fuel to be seen. We have an energetic explosion accompanied by an abundance of whitish oxides and light orange flame. Is this a form of Thermate going off – perhaps with barium nitrate added for flame effect?
But from the east side of the tower a suspicious huge white dust cloud is emerging that looks like an exploding bale of cotton. It is pure white and shows no signs of burning jet fuel. This white dust is emerging from the east wall of the tower, from the level and side occupied by the computer room.
About thirty seconds later, another Thermate-like reaction appears to go off near the east corner of WTC 1, sending a very visible fragment of burning Thermate flying. (See next posted article.)
Professor Jones, when shown this photo, said, “It looks very much like aluminum oxide dust.” The white smoke is clearly coming out of the east side of the building and is also seen behind the orange and sooty cloud that is rising on the north side of the tower.
It is very clear that two very different materials are exploding in the crash area: jet fuel and some form of Thermate, which is producing the telltale white smoke. Burning jet fuel has distinctive characteristics – as does burning Thermate.
The NIST report does not mention the white smoke or dust seen coming out of the NorthTower and attributes these clouds to 10,000 gallons of burning fuel mixed with dust:
Atomized jet fuel is highly flammable (similar to kerosene), so both the hot debris and the numerous pieces of electrical and electronic gear in the offices were more than sufficient as ignition sources.

A surge of combusting fuel rapidly filled the floors, mixing with dust from the pulverized walls and floor slabs.
The pressure created by the heated gases forced the ignited mist out the entrance gash and blown-out windows on the east and south sides of the tower.
The resulting fireballs could be seen for miles, precipitating many 911 calls.
Isn’t it odd that the explosion, which was supposedly caused by jet fuel combusting in the middle of the building, did not affect the western facade as it had the eastern?
Why did the east side of the building react so differently from the west side? And why is the smoke coming from the east side such a bright white and completely lacking any of the characteristics of burning jet fuel?
Is this where Thermate incendiary devices had been placed — in the computer room of Marsh & McLennan? If Thermate bombs had been pre-placed in the 95th floor computer room, who put them there?
Certainly Marsh & McLennan must know or have records of who had access to that room and what was in it. This information needs to be revealed. What does Jeffrey Greenberg know about what happened in the 95th floor computer room?
Thermate Fragment Shooting from the NorthTower?
The Final Report on the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers, produced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a branch of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, has a great deal of interesting information and photos tucked into a neat package of some 20,000 pages.
On page 21 of the hard copy of the final report there is a photograph (seen below), taken from a video taken by John F. Davis, that shows a remarkable and unexplained event that occurred seconds after the first plane hit the North Tower.
As the previous article discusses there is some evidence to suggest that Thermate had been pre-positioned on the 81st floor of the SouthTower and 95th floor of the NorthTower. These are two of the floors that were directly impacted by the main body of each aircraft.
Large exploding white clouds were seen coming from these floors, which suggests that Thermate bomb packets may have been going off immediately after impact. Mixed with barium nitrate, the Thermate would have produced white smoke and orange flame along with molten iron as end products. Part of the reason for pre-placing Thermate on these floors would have been to produce spectacular fireballs that would destroy most of the evidence and ignite the jet fuel that was suspended in air. It would also severely weaken the structure at that level, cutting many of the columns.
The following photograph shows the north face of the NorthTower, about 30 seconds after impact. The north face actually faced northeast.
From the east corner of what appears to be the 95th floor, which is where the huge white cloud had previously emerged, we see a brilliant white flaming reaction occurring just a few feet from the east corner of the tower.
Falling and spiraling from this brilliant “event” is a small object leaving a bright white trail of oxides. This has the characteristics of burning Thermate. The shadow on the north face suggests that this object is not falling straight down but that it is coming toward the camera slightly as it seems to have some propulsion coming from the burning material.
This is odd for many reasons. One is that this reaction seems to be occurring outside the building, but very close to it. The NIST report does not mention that any of the perimeter columns on the east face were severed, so what is burning at the east corner and how was it suspended in air?
This is a mystery object that needs to be explained. Information, suggestions and ideas are welcome. 

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