New Revelations on Hariri Assassination

November 30, 2010

The truth ultimately seeps through. The Israeli drone videos released by the Hezbollah expose Israel’s involvement in the crime preparations. The facts revealed by Odnako point to the use of a sophisticated German weapon. The puzzle is nearly complete.
-Thierry Meyssan, 29 November 2010

Thierry Meyssan of has published an excellent article with new revelations on the 2005 assassination of Rafik Hariri in Beirut.  These revelations support my early analysis that the Lebanese leader was killed by an Israeli missile fired from a drone.  Meyssan’s latest article, “Revelations on Rafik Hariri’s Assassination”, reveals important new details about the weapon, the crime, and the cover-up. 

Hezbollah intercepted and released videos from Israeli drones surveying Rafik Hariri’s movements and the scene of the crime.

The evidence, such as the crater, indicates that Rafik Hariri was killed by a missile.

Detlev Mehlis, President of the UN Investigation Commission violated all the rules of the criminal procedure, fabricated evidence, and used false witnesses to exonerate Germany and accuse Syria.

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