On the Cusp of the Next Ice Age

July 1, 2010

The amazing photos by James Appleton of the recent volcanic eruption on Iceland capture images of the cosmic and planetary forces that affect Earth’s climate.  Solar radiation, volcanic eruptions (above and below the seas) and the cycle of ice ages are among the key subjects discussed in Robert Felix’s fascinating books about magnetic reversals, climate change, and evolutionary leaps.

Are we on the cusp of the next ice age?  Having just read Robert W. Felix’s exellent books (Not by Fire but by Ice and Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps) I recommend them to anyone who is truly interested in the scientific debate about climate change.  Felix provides compelling evidence that we are indeed on the cusp of the next ice age, which will bring profound changes to the planet and every living thing on it. 

We can predict the exact time that the sun will rise tomorrow and when it will set because the cycles of the Earth’s rotation and its orbit around the sun are known.  There are, however, much larger cycles that affect the planet in a more profound way.  One of the most important, but least understood, is the 11,500 year cycle of magnetic reversals.  It is very important to understand the consequences of this cycle because we are on the cusp of the next magnetic reversal.

To learn more about the coming ice age, visit Robert Felix’s website http://www.iceagenow.com/

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