Open Letter to Eric Hufschmid

Open Letter to Eric Hufscmid about
Spreading False News and Baseless Accusations


I have known you since 2002 when you were first writing Painful Questions,

which I still consider to be the best book about 9-11. I helped you with the editing and since then you have helped me a great deal in my 9-11 research. I can safely say that you have been my biggest supporter since then.

You and I participated in Jimmy Walter’s 9-11 tour throughout Europe in May-June
2005. During the tour you saw how different Zionist agents desperately tried to prevent me from speaking about the evidence of Israeli involvement in the terror attacks of 9-11 and the key role that the Israeli-American Asst. Attorney General Michael Chertoff played in covering up the truth of what happened.

You remember how I was not allowed to speak in Vienna because of the efforts of Jenna Orkin to scare Jimmy and the local PR firm that my comments would be seen as illegal in Austria. You saw how that strange fellow in Paris and London begged me not to mention Chertoff in my speech.

You have also known that since November 2001 I have been targeted and unfairly smeared by Zionist agents, primarily the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL). When we visited you in May of 2006, I told you that we did not feel safe at our home in Illinois due to the intrusive FBI snoops.

Since then you have produced an excellent website,, with which you have done an excellent job in educating your readers and listeners about the history of Zionism and its control in the U.S. media and government.

As I told you then, if we want to win the hearts and minds of the public we have to have better websites to provide the essential information. On your website you have done an excellent job in posting some of my articles about 9-11 and Zionism, for which I am grateful.

When the police cranked up their intrusive snooping to the next level and invaded my home and brutally assaulted me, you used your website to bring attention to my plight in the corrupt courts of Cook County. I am very grateful for that.

I sincerely applaud your efforts to educate the public about Zionism and wish you continued success. The struggle against the crimes of Zionism is an extremely important battle which deserves our best efforts, which is why I am writing this open letter.

In order to win the struggle against the Zionist criminal network, we need to keep to the moral high ground and let the evidence and truth reveal the criminals. This is also my philosophy about exposing the truth about 9-11. The facts will reveal the criminals behind the crime.

If your website is to succeed in reaching a larger audience you have to stick to the truth and maintain the highest moral standards. It is essential for your success that you are fair and honest.

There are several areas where you have not stuck to the moral high ground and it has hurt your credibility immensely:

1. You have spread false news.

2. You have damaged my business and reputation by spreading false news.

3. You engage in baseless allegations against serious 9-11 researchers,
like Dr. Steven E. Jones and others.

4. You use violent and hateful language.


“Christopher Bollyn is still MIA, but don’t let that frighten you!”

For nearly two months, you and your colleague on The French Connection have said that I am M.I.A. and that I, and my family, have been kidnapped or killed. You, however, know very well that this is not true because we have been exchanging emails and spoken on the phone several times during this time.

This is spreading false news.

You know very well that I have not been kidnapped. I have told you in plain English on several occasions since June that this is complete nonsense. So why do you continue to post such rubbish?

To this day the opening lines on your website say this:

“Daryl Bradford Smith firmly believes that Linda Shelton is a principal in the bizarre disappearance of the Bollyn family, and calls for a full investigation into the actions and associations of this woman.”

I understand that you work together with Mr. Smith but that you have never even met him. You know that I have not been kidnapped but you are unable to convince your associate on The French Connection of this?

What kind of partnership do you have with Mr. Smith? Does he not believe you, the webmaster and producer of his radio show?

Why do you allow him to spread false news which you know full well is absolutely false? Don’t you realize that this is like crying “wolf” and will only hurt your credibility?

Why have you spread alarm among my supporters with false news?


You certainly realize that it was your criticism of American Free Press that allowed that organization to fire me in October 2006. Although I was not even aware of the article that you had written, AFP used it against me by saying that I was an “associate” of yours. So it was guilt by association which cost me my job.

Because you wrote a critical article about AFP on your website, I lost my job.

Since I lost my income from AFP, I have had to rely on donations, editing jobs, and selling my book for children, ABC Zoo. At the same time I have had to defend myself against malicious prosecution in the Cook County courts.

For the past two months or so, you have spread false information on my links which go through your website, saying: “Note: we are not sure what happens if you donate money or order books from Bollyn!”

This “note” has obviously discouraged people from donating to my work or buying my book. Why would you do such a thing unless you really wanted to hurt my income and business?


In your “Battle Plan” of 17 August 2007 you make some very unfair accusations and exhibit a very bizarre prejudice:

Under the subtitle “Professors, engineers, architects, and other phony ‘truth seekers'” you (or Mr. Smith) wrote:

“Some of these people may simply be naive, but they should all be considered guilty until proven innocent. Professor Steven Jones, for example, has been associating with Jim Hoffman for years.”

“Guilty until proven innocent?”

Guilty of what, may I ask?

Professor Jones has done more to explain the presence of molten metal in the rubble of the World Trade Center than anyone. His research has been extremely important in understanding what caused the buildings to collapse. For this he has suffered the slings and arrows of Zionist agents who grossly defamed him and caused him to lose his teaching position.


Your baseless accusations against Jones put you on the same side as those Zionist agents who defamed the good professor in September 2006, namely Doug Fabrizio, Robert Goldberg, Gary Fine, and William Tumpowsky of the United Jewish Federation.

Whatever your motivation might be, you have done the same thing to Professor Jones as these Zionist agents. Why would you and Mr. Smith want to do that? Don’t you see that you are effectively carrying water for the Zionists and those who would hide the truth of 9-11 by making such baseless accusations against Dr. Jones?

How does it advance the cause of 9-11 truth to say that Professor Jones is “guilty until proven innocent?”

This is what I am in the Zionist-dominated court of Cook County. This is what I am in the eyes of Zionist-run CNN. This is why I am now an exile.

I have suffered from the controlled media and corrupt court in which I was considered guilty until proven innocent. Despite an abundance of evidence proving that I am innocent – I was found “guilty.” I know what this

Don’t you know what it means to consider somebody guilty until proven innocent? It is absolutely outrageous and irresponsible to say such things.

Who do you think will accept such mean-spirited and un-American logic? How can you complain about being marginalized when you say such things on your website? Don’t you see that you and Mr. Smith are your own worst

Do you realize that “guilty until proven innocent” is exactly how President George W. Bush treated Saddam Hussein in relation to weapons of mass destruction? You are asking Jones to prove a negative – that he is not guilty?

You are saying that Jones is guilty because he “associates” with Jim Hoffman? Guilty of what?

Daryl B. Smith, your associate on The French Connection, evidently said some very nasty and untrue things about me after he met me in November 2005, yet I have never held you accountable for your association with the person who evidently slandered me.

This evil and malicious slander could have only come from him because it concerned my visit to his home in France during which he and his wife were the only people present besides me and my family. Ask yourself why Mr. Smith, or is it Dr. Smith, would spread evil slander about me and then avoid me for nearly a year.

I asked you if you have ever met Mr. Smith and you said he is “just a voice on the phone.” You do all this work for “a voice on the phone?”

Eric, do you really know who you are associating with? Does Mr. Smith really have your best interest at heart? Is he really after the truth of 9-11? If so, why would he say such evil and false things about me and my family?

After he slandered me, I spoke with you and Mr. Smith on your radio show. I did not hold this evil and harmful slander against you or him. I thought it was more important to get the information about 9-11 out than to discuss our differences.

Now, however, I see that there is a pattern to this madness that is dangerous and harmful. I can no longer ignore the warning flags.


The last point concerns language used in the “Battle Plan” you and Mr. Smith have on your website. You use language that suggests or implies that violence needs to be used to regain control of our money supply, government, and media.

You, or Mr. Smith, wrote:

“Alex Jones and other Zionist Deniers often imply that the only way to stop “them” is with violence. We should consider the possibility that he is telling us the truth. The Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, Chertoffs, and everybody else in this Zionist crime network may never give up. We may have to kill all of them.

If violence erupts, the FBI and police may have to be our first targets.”


As I wrote in my Statement on the Importance of Non-Violence:

“This language could easily be seen as “hate speech” or inciting violence. With comments like these Hufschmid and Smith are going out on very thin ice – legally. This is nowhere I would want to go. I would strongly urge them to remove such comments and stick to the moral high ground. Such violent language marginalizes them – and their message. Don’t they see that?

Hufschmid urges me to speak on his Internet radio show but I simply cannot and would not want be seen as supporting such calls for violence. I can not associate myself with people who are seen as supporting violence. It is that simple. “


I am compelled to write this open letter because my private communications with you obviously failed to produce any changes concerning the false news about me. You and Mr. Smith have lied about me and hurt my business. Your irresponsible and reckless comments can hurt you more than you think.

I urgently and strongly urge you to consider my comments and stick to the facts and the moral high ground. You must remove any comments that can be see as inciting violence. You must not make baseless allegations against others and you must stick to the truth. There is no other way.

Christopher Bollyn

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