Russian TV Airs MH17 Shoot-Down Images

November 14, 2014

“We’re leading in dealing with Ebola in West Africa and in opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, which is a threat to the world, as we saw in the appalling shoot-down of MH17.”
– President Barack Obama at Queensland University, November 15, 2014

NOVEMBER 14, 2014 (18:00) – Russian TV1 airs satellite images clearly showing a fighter jet firing a missile at Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, the passenger aircraft that was shot down over Ukraine in July 2014.

As world leaders assembled in Brisbane, Australia, for the G-20 conference, the stage was being set to criticize the Russian leadership for the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 last July.  Vladimir Putin and Russia have been blamed by corrupt western leaders and the controlled media, without any evidence being presented, for somehow being involved in the downing of the passenger plane as it flew over the war-ravaged Donetsk region. It should be noted that these same corrupt western leaders also protect and promote a demonstrably false version of what happened on 9-11.

Now, with perfect timing, Russian TV 1 has broadcast satellite images that apparently show the Malaysian passenger plane being attacked by a fighter jet, which can clearly be seen firing a missile at the plane. If these images are genuine, as they appear to be, they are a “game changer”.

As Itar-Tass described the evening news report on TV1:

First, the Boeing came under gun fire and then the cockpit was hit by an air-to-air missile, its right engine and the right wing were hit by a heat-seeking missile.

The evidence certainly seems to indicate that the cockpit of MH17 was attacked by machine gun and/or cannon fire.

This diagram show the location of the fragment seen above.

Yaron Mofaz, a relative of Shaul Mofaz, the former Israeli Chief-of-Staff, took this photo of MH17 at the airport in Amsterdam shortly before it was shot down over Ukraine. Why would a person connected to one of Israel’s most senior military officers be taking a photo of the Malaysia Airlines plane before it was shot down?

See:  “The Israeli Photo of MH17 – Who is Yaron Mofaz?”
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The question as to why the Russians would have taken so long to produce this exculpatory evidence is answered in the Itar-Tass report:

MOSCOW, November 14. /TASS/. Russia’s television Channel One said on Friday it had a photo presumably made by a foreign spy satellite in the last seconds of Malaysia’s MH17 flight over Ukraine.

Channel One showed Ivan Andriyevsky, the first vice president of the Russian Union of Engineers, demonstrating a photo sent by a George Beatle, who had introduced himself as an air traffic controller with a 20-year working record.

According to Beatle, the Malaysian Boeing was shot down by a fighter jet that followed it. First, the Boeing came under gun fire and then the cockpit was hit by an air-to-air missile, its right engine and the right wing were hit by a heat-seeking missile.

The e-mail had an enclosed snapshot of a missile launch from under the fighter’s left wing directed right at the Boeing cockpit.

“We see a space shot made from a low orbit. Such photo shots are typically made in air and ground surveillance purposes,” Andriyevsky said. “Coordinates on the photo hint that it was made by an American or a British satellite. We have thoroughly analyzed this photo to find no signs of fake.”

Here is the image that appears to show a fighter jet firing a missile at the passenger aircraft, which was shown in the Russia 1 news piece:

GAME CHANGER – These images will certainly change the discussion at the G-20, which had planned to attack Putin for his support of the rebels in the Donetsk region, who are fighting against the anti-Russian regime that was installed in Kiev by Victoria Nuland (i.e. Mrs. Robert Kagan) of the U.S. State Department. Victoria Nuland’s husband and her Kagan in-laws are well known for being the leaders of the PNAC who worked to bring the U.S. into war against Iraq. Since the 2003 war against Iraq was clearly a war of aggression, why are the Kagans and George W. Bush not being prosecuted for conspiring to wage a war of aggression?  It is, after all, the mother of all war crimes.

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