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March 25, 2018

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Five Stars for Solving 9-11: The Original Articles
– David,, on November 5, 2015

Volumes of Credible Evidence to Warrant a Meaningful, World Investigation – We need the Truth.
– MidwestGuyUSA,, on November 8, 2015

“A must read for all U.S. citizens.”
- Max Carey,
, July 1, 2015
Book review of 
Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World

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Superbly researched - Have followed Christopher for years and finally bought the book. Well worth it from one of the last of the true investigative journalists. He was intelligent enough to see through the absolute lies from the establishment and brave enough to speak. Lucky he is still alive, unlike some people who have spoken of what really happened that day.
Amazon Customer, October 11, 2015

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“One of the best books on 9/11. A must read – getting the truth out is a better way to honor those who perished.”
- Mike,, August 18, 2015

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“Christopher Bollyn will hopefully go down in history as one of the most patriotic Americans in our country’s history.”
– Book review of Solving 9-11:  The Original Articles, July 5, 2015

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“Amazing and informative.  A must read for every American.”
– Max Carey,, July 1, 2015
Solving 9-11:  The Original Articles

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Solving 9/11 is the most comprehensive coverage of 9/11 that I have seen … and it is the most ignored by not only mainstream press, but also by most of the ‘truth’ movement. It’s one of the best pieces of investigative journalism I’ve ever seen.
– H.H. in Frederick, Maryland, May 4, 2015

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“The best 9/11 book ever.”
Jeremy Mendoza,, April 18, 2015

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Solving 9-11: The Original Articles 
The work of brave genius. Bollyn goes where no other author has the courage to. The truth never goes out of style. Looking for the holy grail of 9-11 research?  Look no further.  Everything written here can easily be traced back to real people, real events, real evidence and real science. This work will stand the test of time.
– Leon Havlik,, January 2, 2015

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The Solving 9-11 books identify the real perpetrators behind the false-flag terrorism of 9-11. The factual information in these books reveals the culprits, their history of terrorism, and their motivation. 

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“Absolute Best Researched Book and Most Plausible Explanation For 9/11
– Stephen Courts,, July 22, 2014

Clearly a game changer that is meticulously researched and documented. You will never again believe the BS that was forced on the American public after 9/11. I put this book at the top of my 9/11 list…

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Braveheart Apotheosis of the 9/11 Truth Movement

“Solving 9-11 constitutes the ultimate fearless treatment of the subject of the 9/11 attacks.”
Brian Wright, June 6, 2014

“A masterpiece of investigative journalism”
– Jerry Mazza, “Is Israel responsible for 9–11?”

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The search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; 
its publication is a duty.

– Anne Louise Germaine de Staël (1766-1817)

Book Reviews of SOLVING 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World


Turn Off Your TV & Open This Book

From Canoa Quebrada, Brazil, on, March 14, 2015

Christopher Bollyn came to this subject uniquely qualified to understand the events that are driving history, not only now, but for the better part of the last one hundred years. His book names names, identifies patterns, and gives the reader the information needed to comprehend these forces like no other. His book balances the information needed for a basic understanding for those new to the subject of 911 with new details unfamiliar to many who have examined this subject for many years. Christopher Bollyn is a rare survivor from the virtually extinct field of investigative journalism and what he has uncovered is a small mountain of reliable research vital to anyone concerned, not only about the future of America but also concerned, about the future of the world. Turn off your TV and open this book. It is easy to understand and you will be glad you did! 

*  *  *

Absolute Best Researched Book and Most Plausible Explanation For 9/11

By Stephen Courts on, July 22, 2014

Clearly a game changer that is meticulously researched and documented. You will never again believe the BS that was forced on the American public after 9/11. I put this book at the top of my 9/11 list. Even friends who don’t buy the government BS have been reluctant to even read this book, still content with the government cover-up. I bought this at the recommendation of a courageous victim of the government conspiracy who has steadfastly fought the cover-up and who was herself a victim of the heavy handed Bush lackeys who allowed this monstrosity to occur. I would give Christopher Bollyn SIX stars if allowed! 

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This book ought to be read by everyone who cares

By Silverbird on, July 22, 2014

This book ought to be read by everyone who cares to know more than the official story of what happened which is not what happened at all. 

*  *  *

Excellent detail where desperately needed

By American Citizen,, May 25, 2014 

I’ve read a lot of sources and find this book has taken the details much further and where desperately needed. I particularly like Bollyn’s dedicated research and attention to detail…

*  *  *


By Graham Devanny on, May 11, 2014

Christopher Bollyn does incredible research, great journalism, names names, dates, etc., putting his own life in danger. Looks like the U.S and the West has been had.

*  *  *

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

By Enrico Napolitano on, May 10, 2014

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, with the covert participation of top people in both the U.S. and Israeli governments and MOSSAD secret service.

*  *  *

SOLVING 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World 


By Carol Rae Bradford,, March 31, 2014

I started by reading the Solving 9-11, the first book in in which Christopher Bollyn gives a full description and clear picture of what Israel and its intelligence agency from Mossad (the Israeli CIA) are up to, with the obeisance and aid of the United States government.

It is surprising what power these Israeli groups have over our country, mainly our politicians, especially our airports, media, the false and overdone Holocaust Industry, and other areas deemed important. They have quite underhandedly affected our consciousness, an intrusion which has profoundly altered attitudes of both young and old Americans. It is truly insane. In Bollyn’s books you will learn of very powerful people who are highly instrumental in Zionism and Mossad activities in the U.S. and in Israel.

In no way do American minds glean very much about what is truly going on from the Zionist-controlled media. Deceiving the public is, after all, the main thrust of the U.S. press. It is a stealthy kind of propaganda to fool the eye and confuse and train the public mind…

Bollyn provides much evidence to show that 9-11 was planned many years in advance with tools the public didn’t know about then. He invites one to look into the truth.

Another book, “Solving 9-11: The Original articles,” is filled with astounding information that you will never see in the New York Times or the Boston Globe. In his chapter, “The Media Cover Up” he describes how true news accounts were quickly smothered up after the attack. CNN and Fox news were the worst offenders.

*  *  * 

Review of Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World
by Robert A. Sungenis, Sr., Ph.D., Culture Wars, July/August and September 2012, May 11, 2012

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Latest Book Reviews of SOLVING 9-11:  The Original Articles 

What an eye opener!

By Snowbell,, March 18, 2014

To be honest, when I started to read this book I had heard rumblings about thermite being used to bring down the Twin Towers, etc., but I still believed whole-heartedly that the Arabs were behind 9-11. Well, thanks to Mr. Bollyn and his meticulous research, I no longer subscribe to my old beliefs. Mr, Bollyn has indeed done the world a huge favour by being one of the few and courageous individuals who has exposed the criminal cabal behind the attacks and who continue to engage in its coverup and who really is in charge of Washington.

*  *  *

Great 9/11 Info

By Reade Rogers,, February 2, 2014

This is a great companion book to Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World. Use these original articles to follow the 9/11 story from a few days after the event right up to the present.

*  *  *

Book Review of the SOLVING 9-11 set of books 

The Reviews

By Pearson Payload,, March 10, 2014

Christopher Bollyn delivers the goods. In two volumes, the book and its supporting articles ”” tell all.

Bollyn names names and exposes the men behind curtains. He answers the questions of “who, where, when, what and how.” Bollyn embodies the hypothetical journalist from our college texts. The beau ideal. The one we are all supposed to write like but better not if we value our jobs, unbroken arms and professional reputations.

In the oceans of text about 9/11 that we have read since 2002, I posit that 80% of it has been culprit-funded disinformation. Bollyn’s adroitly written work lifts the veil of criminal perjury.

Bravely exposing the heinous hag of false flag terrorism, Bollyn’s book contains not one wasted word. I could not put it down until my eyes burned. With each morning’s coffee, eagerly did I grasp his body of work, anxious for more of his knowledge squarely owned. Knowledge squarely earned. This is the best journalist of my life.

We often hear the adage “when men were men” alluding to what manhood should mean in a day of cowards, sycophants and purchased politicians. After turning the last page of this book, I knew that I was holding the work of a man. A real man who had the guts to stand at the podium.

A man from the land of George Patton, Mike Delaney, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Zaid Hamid, Patrick Cleburne, John F. Kennedy and all their glorious class. They stand out for a reason. So lesser men can follow them in the right direction.

Over the last several years I have read the dive-bomb of Bollyn’s character assassination by disinfo agents. Some of whom wrote for the same newspaper we all did. It was not until I hit the same “controlled opposition” wall that I began to question what I believed about Christopher Bollyn.

He was their star journalist, fluent in Hebrew and Middle Eastern scholarship. A great photographer and public speaker. What’s not to like? How did he get suddenly fired from a rag that now purveys panic ads, lurid, dead-end fear mongering and only so much real news?

As my polished professors put it, “A journalist is in the business of truth telling.” He is to be a watch-dog over the government, reporting what he observes to his countrymen and to the world. As journalists we are not supposed to make it up as we go along. Nor fabricate headlines.

News happens. Then we write about it. That was how they taught me at the big school. But after graduation, I learned that it was only lip service.

Bollyn makes this clear in his book. He calls it “the controlled media.” And I shall add ”” a bound and gagged, arm-twisted media that writes lies to mislead a gullible public. Negating all the good rules of conduct we learned in journalism school. Rendering them null. Be a hack. Be a whore. Get a pay check.

Bollyn is the antithesis of today’s news writer. The signature of his work is how he goes straight to the horse for everything. His research is ever clear and properly sourced. Each word holds its own water.

As I have written before, the truth has a flavour.

Bollyn has it.

Get the clarion call of his book. The sobering answer to “The 9/11 Commission Report” ”” a pack of lies published by Norton for the government with no copyright date on the back of its title page – nor anywhere. 567 pages of hogwash. A flaming whopper of a tale. Authorized edition indeed. Replete with undated signatories, an eagle seal and “sick’um” photo of a turban-headed scapegoat. Laughable, this doozy. “Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.” So official sounding I suppose they thunk.

Christopher Bollyn’s book is a slam-dunk.

*  *  *

Book Reviews of SOLVING 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World


Bollyn has it right

By Anders Paulsson,, January 3, 2014

If you are looking for what resonates with what you can accept as the truth. This is it. It is also “the red pill”. 

*  *  *

Excellent Book

By PDXskeptic,, December 14, 2013

An excellent book that really solves the “who”, “how” and “why” behind the false-flag event of 9/11. I’ve read it twice now… really well detailed, and the Zionist solution is the only one that makes sense. You should read this book.

*  *  *

Buy for Friends and Family

By Ter ber,, October 22, 2013

We must get the word out. The USA has been taken over by Banksters, global elite corporations, and other shady characters. You must understand this was allowed to happen and possibly planned all the way to the top. Americans must wake up. The world is waiting for us to throw off our handcuffs and wake up. Christopher Bollyn has risked his life bringing this information to us.

*  *  *

Very well researched, exposes the Zionist network at all levels

By Alfred Schaefer,, October 16, 2013

Christopher Bollyn has exposed many of the individuals comprising the Zionist network that brought us this false-flag attack on 9/11. He explains the motivation, the planning, the execution, and the ongoing cover-up. He was attacked for his investigative research and had to flee the country as his research became ever more threatening to the Zionists perpetrators and their stooges. The facts revealed in this book will make a major contribution to the inevitable defeat of Zionism. This book is mandatory reading for anyone who really wants to understand what happened to us all on 9/11.

*  *  *

A must read, whatever your opinion

By Sentinel the Avenger,, August 15, 2013


Christopher Bollyn’s Solving 9/11:  The Deception That Changed the World is an extremely well researched book that is an absolute MUST READ for anyone who wants to know the truth about 9/11… this is the best book on 9/11, bar none.

*  *  * 

Rethink 9/11 – You have been bamboozled by mainstream press

By Richard A. Kennedy,, July 29, 2013

This review is from: Solving 9-11: The Original Articles (Paperback)

Certainly over half of US Citizens haven’t the slightest idea what REALLY happened on 9/11 in NYC, the Pentagon, and the “crash site” in Penn. The two books by Christopher Bollyn are eye-opening and shocking. When you start into what was really behind the 9/11 catastrophe you will clearly understand officials within own government were major players.

*  *  * 

The best and most complete

By Three Bells,, July 21, 2013

The best, most complete, and best researched. The conclusions that the reader draws easily from the evidence will give the answer wanted: who and why?

*  *  *

Thorough and unfortunately disturbing

By Gordon M. Wagner,, July 8, 2013

A difficult book and a difficult review. Bollyn lays out a case that’s difficult to refute, every fact is well-documented and the picture that comes in to view is not a pretty one.

In fact, we in the USA have been conditioned to be unable to grasp what has taken place. You cannot have a civil conversation in the US about Israeli spying and espionage, and just about every finger points squarely at Israel regarding the events of 9/11/01. There’s simply no way around it. So we have the proverbial 500-lb gorilla in the living room, but we have been trained to never utter the word “gorilla” — which makes even comprehending what took place difficult….

I’ve done my own research. It’s shocking to find so many loose ends tied neatly in this book. In spite of the heavy brainwashing done since 9/11, this book will blow out the pipes. Face the facts. Don’t expect them to be pretty.

100% recommended. An essential book on 9/11. Feel free to hit this review with the anti-Semite brush. That will only validate what I have stated. Israel and their Zionist chums in the US government plotted the WTC attacks for years, decades. One has but to count the Jews involved. It’s either one hell of a coincidence, or a plot. It’s probably a 1984 style “thought crime” to write that sentence, but there it is.

Who benefited from 9/11? That’s a good place to start. READ THIS BOOK.

*  *  *

The BEST Investigative Book on 9-11

By LCD (CA USA),, July 6, 2013

Brilliant investigative journalism! Better than any other book, Bollyn’s book connects all the dots and provides overwhelming evidence of facts and who the real culprits of 9-11 are; how they did it and how they covered it up. It also reveals who’s who in their powerful network and how they covertly control on a global scale; the bogus investment companies and financial scams they set up, and how they protect themselves and cover up their crimes. The extent of the criminality that goes all the way to the top, is shocking.

*  *  *


The Most Straightforward and Accurate Accounts
– A.S. in Germany, June 4, 2013

Your books are simply the most straightforward and accurate accounts that dare to delve into the simple “unspeakable” truth. Unspeakable because we have all been collectively brainwashed not to even dare to think in the direction that the truth points us. It is, like a reader of one of my comments once stated, “having connected the dots, we have a Rorschach of demons we fear to name.”

*  *  *

Enormously Important
– a reader in Michigan, May 12, 2013

I finished the book about half an hour ago. Stumbling here and there around the Internet over the past 10 years I was aware of perhaps 40 percent of what Bollyn presents. This book is enormously important… Now I will start on the big book.

*  *  *  

Comprehensive and Credible
Jurgis,, May 7, 2013

Engaging account of 9/11 events from someone who has connected the dots in many dimensions. This book attempts to answer the “how” and most importantly “why” for this crime of the century. Many other books on the subject are still pursuing the “what happened” after 12 years and while still worth doing, Bollyn’s work goes another level and hypothesizes the “why” with cogency and credibility. If only half of the things in this book are true, a case for “who” was responsible for 9/11 is well made.

*  *  * 

Credible, Rational, Logical
Note from a reader, April 30, 2013

Last week I discovered your name, your book, and your theory about 9/11. I spent much of the last two days and nights reading and rereading the book. I was elated to have found someone who makes a credible, rational, logical case for who the real perpetrators are. And I was shocked that your work hasn’t been broadcast more widely in the 9/11 truth movement. It took me two-and-a-half years of studying reputable 9/11 websites before I happened upon your work.

*  *  *

An Engrossing Read, April 4, 2013 

There is a plethora of books on 9-11, and given the incredible events of that day, its sheer ‘extraodinariness’, that volume of books is justified. So many questions remained unanswered by the official reports (some might say ‘whitewashes’). This book is a very good one. It reads fluently with good prose and structure. After finishing it, I felt I was substantially better informed on the whole 911 imbroglio.  Highly recommended

*  *  *

Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World 
Yours for a $20 donation (includes shipping in U.S.)

Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.
– George Washington

*  *  *

I’ve read both your Solving 9-11 books.  Particularly powerful is the compilation of background material [The Original Articles].  It provides an unedited timeline of journalistic integrity.
– B.K., December 8, 2012

… I finished reading your book 9-11:  The Deception That Changed The World.  It is a masterpiece of investigative journalism and a reading MUST for ALL Americans, ALL world leaders, and everyone who has been affected by the consequences of this horrific crime and the tyranny that followed.
– L.C.D., Australia, October 1, 2012

“You are the ONLY 9-11 investigator who has done a credible job identifying the probable perpetrators. Most people simply focus on the scientific and engineering anomalies of the day to dispute the official report. But no one has done what you have to trace the networks behind the events.”
– Menachem Mevashir, September 8, 2012

Thank you for your perspicuity and persistence of investigation into 9-11. Thank you, too, for your courage in pursuing a line of research that seems taboo for others or peripheral to their telling the truth about 9-11. Thank you for publishing your books and making your findings so easily and widely available.
– Alan C. Donelson, Ph.D., Nevada City, California, September 4, 2012

Thank you for your pursuit of truth and excellence. During times when it is nigh impossible to hope for either, you have given us both.
– Robert J. Cronin M.D., Rhode Island, USA, August 19, 2012

I say to Chris Bollyn, well done and don’t give up as one day when enough of us know the truth there will be some sort of justice for all those innocents murdered on 9-11.
–  ”
No more lies,” P.Grace on (UK), July 24, 2012 

The truth is incontrovertible. 
Malice may attack it, 
ignorance may deride it, 
but in the end, there it is.

– Winston Churchill  

This ad was published in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, a highly respected magazine on the region.  The Washington Report reaches senior government officials, including every member of the U.S. Congress.  Ask your local library to subscribe to the Washington Report - and to obtain copies of the Solving 9-11 books.

The Solving 9-11 set of two books is available for a $40 donation (includes shipping in the USA).  To pay by check or money order make the check payable to Christopher Bollyn.  For quicker delivery please use Feedback or email to contact the author.

Great research!  Articulated and argued brilliantly well.
 a reader in England

Brilliant painstaking analysis leading to an unexpected but entirely logical conclusion.
– a reader in Britain

I’ve read your articles for many years, and I just purchased Solving 9-11 last week from Amazon based on a review in Culture Wars magazine.  It took me about a week to realize that the official 9-11 story was a fraud, and I’ve been reading and studying the topic ever since.  I presumed that your book would mostly be a review of information I had already gleaned from other books and web articles.  How wrong I was!  I just finished it last night and was amazed by the amount of new information you have brought forth, as well as your investigative and narrative ability to fill in the gaps and tie the different aspects of the case together.  Thank you for your courage in persevering through persecution.
– R.M. in Saginaw, Michigan, July 30, 2012

I look forward to receiving your two books on 9-11 which I already know will be the definitive works on the subject. While I believe that there is a place for research that delves into the mechanics of how the three towers were brought down (because that explanation exposes the official version as a preposterous lie), the identification of those responsible, and analysis of the agenda that those heinous attacks were intended to advance are infinitely more important goals of the quest for “9-11 truth”.
– a reader in Texas

Bollyn supplies in minute detail, the evidence that clearly shows how the mass murders were carried out and by whom.
9/11 Beyond A Reasonable Doubt book review by Graham Hill on, May 15, 2012

If you’re only going to read one book about 9-11, this would be it. Unlike most of the other books out there on the subject, the author leaves no doubt as to who was really behind that fateful day, and why. It needs to be mentioned, though, that this is not a “sensationalist” type read. On the contrary, it is a straightforward, step-by-step compilation of little known facts that lead straight to the perpetrators.
Book review on by T.O.B., May 12, 2012 

Solving 9-11:  The Original Articles, is the second book in the Solving 9-11 set.  
Available for a $20 donation 
(U.S. only; non-U.S. add $10)

Solving 9-11: The Original Articles is a collection of Bollyn’s essential 9-11 research articles, written between September 2001 and the spring of 2012. These original articles contain the facts and details that prove the thesis of Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World. (8″x10″, 360 pp., white with matte laminate cover, $29.99)

The Solving 9-11 books are also available from  “The Deception that Changed the World” has received 5 five-star reviews from Amazon readers.  Their reviews can be read here.

Solving 9-11:  The Deception that Changed the World exposes the real culprits and the motivation behind the false-flag terrorism of 9-11.  The purpose of the book is to liberate the people of the United States and the world from the evil deception that has been imposed on them by the architects of terror. 

The 6″ x 9″ book is a perfect bound paperback of 362 pages published and printed in the United States.  American readers can obtain a copy for a $20 donation through PayPal by clicking here or by clicking on the yellow donation button in the left margin.  (Non-U.S. orders add $10.)    

For orders of 5 books or more, contact through Feedback and ask for the wholesale discount.  Allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.  Please note, a telephone contact number is required for shipping.  To donate by check or money order, send an email to  

The book is also available through, where it has received nineteen five-star reviews.

Book Reviews of Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World   

Solving 9-11: The Original Articles
R.M. in Illinois, February 16, 2013

I remain impressed by the thoroughness of your research as I’ve been rereading your book, Solving 9-11: The Original Articles.  Your work remains vitally important in these troubled times, and commands the respect of anyone who values truth, integrity, and righteousness.

*  *  *

Answers Who, How, and Why about 9-11
Reader805,, February 10, 2013

This is an excellent book that connects the dots regarding the truth of 9-11 and who the real terrorists are. The author stands out as a rare journalist willing to expose the truth, even at great peril to himself. For someone just waking up to the deception that has been the official version of 9-11, this may not be the first book to read. But for those who have already come to realize that the official version of the events of September 11, 2001, defies both logic and the laws of physics, this book will give you the “rest of the story”:  a comprehensive account of who did it, how they did it, and why they did it.

*  *  *

Most Important
R. C. Lowe,, January 25, 2013

Thank you, Christopher Bollyn, for connecting the dots of 9-11 more completely than I’ve previously seen. I was unaware of the common denominator of each aspect of the attack: the planning, the execution, and the cover-up. The common denominator is Zionism. This book is intricately crafted, and is to be read with deliberation, then re-read.

*  *  *  *  * 

Essential to Successful Self-Deprogramming
Mad Anthony Wayne,, January 8, 2013

Generally speaking, there is only one improvement that I can see is needed in this work and that is to summarize the various interconnections between people and organizations by means of a flowchart. I think that would be quite applicable here and may reveal additional information. I initially was disappointed by the fact that there are absolutely no photos, tables or illustrations in the book but it soon became obvious that he was able to write in a sufficiently straightforward and clear manner that no such accessories were needed.

This is the most important book of its kind since Douglas Reed wrote about the problem of Zionism and its deleterious effects on world governments back in the 1950’s. Bollyn boldly describes the almost unbelievable depth to which the tentacles of this foreign parasitic influence have wrapped tightly around the governmental, financial, military, and especially the mainstream media sectors of our national life. I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that even our military has NO secrets from these people. Bollyn is absolutely correct in saying that restoring our national sovereignty and identity is dependent upon our ability to rid ourselves of this problem. 

*  *  *  *  *

New and Complete Information on 9-11
By Dick W. Scar,, December 10, 2012

I have read several books on the subject of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, and this book presented information I had not seen in other books. It presents a credible case for extreme Zionist supporters of Israel being the perpetrators of this event. The results of Christopher Bollyn’s research provide a very complete case which includes names of the conspirators.

*  *  *  *  *

Solving 9-11 Proves a Conspiracy
By Matthew Brinfman,, November 9, 2012

The strongest evidence that 9-11 was an inside job comes from the tons of highly sophisticated, military grade nano-thermites that were found in the rubble immediately following the 9-11 attacks as Christopher Bollyn astutely mentions in his book Solving 9-11; The Deception that Changed the World. This information was published in 2009 in a credible, peer-reviewed, scientific journal (the name of the paper is: “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9-11 World Trade Center Catastrophe”) and has not been refuted by anyone in the scientific community – or anyone else for that matter – since.

Bollyn also mentions 4,000 Israelis who worked in the twin towers who received text messages (for Israeli subscribers only) prior to the attacks telling them to leave the building. They all got out, except for perhaps two Israelis who perhaps did not get the message. This message was not passed along to the authorities, essentially proving a conspiracy. Other Israelis were seen setting up camera equipment before the attacks to document the event, and after the attacks, they were seen celebrating joyously by eyewitnesses. After being arrested, they received high-level clearance to be returned to Israel. Bollyn also points out that the metal was quickly carted away before a proper investigation could be conducted, which violates the most basic protocol for any criminal investigation.

Many of the individuals and numerous companies Bollyn scrutinizes in his book are interconnected, and by the time you get done reading his book, it becomes more than obvious there’s been a cover up by the same supranational global elites who own our media as a way of preventing the average person from finding out about it. Their ultimate goal is a one-world global dictatorship. 9-11 is a step toward that goal by getting us into Iraq and Afghanistan and using the fraudulent “War on Terror” to limit our personal freedoms via the Patriot Act. I would strongly recommend this book.

*  *  *  *  *

Peeling Back the Onion of 9-11 Deception
By John Jensen (San Francisco, Calif.),, October 29, 2012

9-11 isn’t over till it’s over. Bollyn is a natural born skeptic (thank heavens) and has pursued leads others avoided. We Americans have been well trained to respect the Holocaust, especially in a country that considers itself Judeo-Christian. This is touchy territory, revered since WW2, especially by those of us living at the time who were touched by a loss in that war.

Bollyn shows no fear in entering the past and numerous aspects of history that have enabled the success of Israel, its growth and power. One can lose good friends by even discussing it or asking questions about “Zion”. As a structural engineer who questioned the collapse of the buildings as I saw them falling that morning on TV, in bed with my wife and our son to follow this astounding event as it unfolded, the collapse didn’t make sense to me, and the visuals were far too much like Hollywood special effects.

Bollyn carefully puts pieces of the puzzle together to fill in more of the “why” side of my concern. This is the sort of writing that could get a curious reporter “disappeared”, even in America. What happened to the news reporters we have had in the past who asked those hard questions, for the sake of our America? I finished this book a couple weeks ago, and am now going to read it again. I need to let this all sink into my brain, get a new toehold on this ascent to peace and see where I am at this point.

Our illegal wars and war crimes continue, based on 9-11. It ain’t over til it’s over.

*  *  *  *  *

Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World
By Peter Dornay,, October 17, 2012

9/ 11 was an attack on America. This massive crime scene contained evidence to show how 3 buildings exploded, what type of explosives were used to disintegrate the structures, contents and 3 thousand people, leaving their dry bone fragments and slivers blown around the area. Most of the evidence was destroyed, but plenty left to close in on the suspects. So the big question is: Is it TREASON to hinder, delay or ridicule an investigation of real evidence to protect the suspects who carried out this devastating attack on America? Is the word “dual citizen” an oxymoron? Someone once said you cannot serve two masters, anybody care anymore? This book is essential to shed light on who was capable of committing this heinous crime, and who continue to ridicule and harm those who seek the truth, whose patriotism is to their country, and not some political entity.

*  *  *  *  *

Review of Solving 9-11
Susan Signoracci, The Columbus Crier, October 7, 2012

Christopher Bollyn has written a thoroughly-researched book on the question of ‘Who did 9-11 and Why?’ His 362-page book is a wealth of information about the Israeli groups, the men, and businesses that put themselves in place over several decades, and which enabled the Israeli Mossad to destroy the World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001.

Bollyn’s book is a ‘No Put Down’ story that compels the reader to read on. He intricately weaves together and identifies the network necessary to accomplish the attack against America, as well as other false-flag attacks perpetrated by Israeli Zionists, and has produced a tapestry that points to no others.

He has truly identified the culprits of 9-11 and proven it was not Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaida. It was a sophisticated group of terrorists, with ties to Israel and the Mossad, that brought down the buildings so that they could put into effect the War on Terror. And most Americans fell for the lie.

*  *  *  *  *

The Ultimate 9/11 Book
By Victor M. Trinidad (APO, AE United States),, October 5, 2012

Christopher Bollyn’s intensely researched in-depth book Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World exposes the criminals who carried out the horrific events on 9-11, and it was not the CIA/Mossad-created Osama Bin Laden, or the fall guys for any terrorist act carried out throughout the world, Al Qaida. Unlike the journalists and investigative reporters working for Zionist-owned and controlled mainstream newspaper and TV news media, who were forbidden to report anything regarding 9-11, except disinformation, distorted facts, and outright lies, Mr. Bollyn connected the dots, going back nearly 20 years prior to 9-11, and he identifies who was responsible for planning and executing the biggest crime and cover-up of the century. Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World is a very well-written book. A fast read full of facts from cover to cover. I highly recommend it. It is my reference book for all things regarding 9-11. If you read this book, your next step should be to contact your elected representatives in Washington, the White House, and the Department of Justice and demand justice and that these criminals be fully investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

*  *  *  *  *

An Excellent Book
By Carol Liane Brouillet “9-11 activist” (Palo Alto, Calif.),, August 29, 2012

Christopher Bollyn has done his homework and then some. He presents a very strong, compelling case for the involvement of the Mossad, Israel, the neo-cons in the attacks of September 11th. That is an area in which he has a great amount of knowledge and he presents it in a clear, rational way. I must admit that I do believe that other intelligence agencies also played roles in the attack, including MI6, the CIA, Pakistan’s ISI, and the Saudi’s intelligence network, but to me it is unclear as to who the principle string puller might be or how many people thought that they were pulling the strings, how many were unknowing patsies to not just the crimes of 9/11, but the crimes that followed, which killed more people, transferred more wealth, than the original crimes. There is plenty of criminality to identify, as we have witnessed an enormous transference of wealth from the many to the few, a greater concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands, and the expansion of the National Security State to the Global Police State. How to undo the damage is the biggest challenge that we have and step one is understanding the size, nature, shape of the problems we face and that is what Christopher Bollyn has courageously attempted to do in his work. He has supplied a vital piece of the puzzle. I appreciate his work greatly and would recommend it to others. 

*  *  *  *  *

What a Shame
By TOB (Chicago),, May 12, 2012

If you’re only going to read one book about 9-11, this would be it. Unlike most of the other books out there on the subject, the author leaves no doubt as to who was really behind that fateful day, and why. It needs to be mentioned, though, that this is not a “sensationalist” type read. On the contrary, it is a straightforward, step-by-step compilation of little known facts that lead straight to the perpetrators. It is a shame that most Americans will never hear about this book, let alone read it. 

*  *  *  *  *

The Truth vs Lying Deceit/Propaganda
By E. W. Mickey (La Grande, OR),, April 16, 2012

Chris Bollyn has exemplified himself in the Principles of “Putting The Truth before Personal Aggrandizement”. His book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, should & must be read by everyone that considers themselves to be for The Truth and against The Evil/Reprobate Plans of The World Powered Elite…aka…International Bankers & World Controllers! The so-called “Evangelical Right” have prostituted themselves by refusing to acknowledge the realities of World Dictatorial Tyrannies. Chris Bollyn exposes the machinations of the men who have been put into places of power/authority to destroy the Will to Resist here in America and Internationally. It is a sad commentary on the MSM that Chris Bollyn’s Information has not been trumpeted to every nook & cranny of American Life! 

*  *  *  *  *

9/11 Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
By Graham Hill “Movie & TV Historian” (Hollywood, Calif.),, May 15, 2012

You would think that the subject of 9/11 and wanting to know the TRUTH about what really happened, would be talked about and debated in all the major media, by our elected leaders and pursued by our law enforcement and our legal system. You would think that with the loss of 3,000 lives on that tragic day, and many more since, our democratic institutions, our belief in justice, would give us something better to accept and understand, than the “official” fairy tale that is so monumentally insane and incredible, so contrived and contemptable… well you would think there has to be something that takes 9/11 really much more seriously and scholarly.

SOLVING 9-11: THE DECEPTION THAT CHANGED THE WORLD does exactly that! Independent investigative author Christopher Bollyn, was brave enough, determined enough, to spend years running down leads and connecting all of the dots. The facts are presented to you on their merit with full reference and credibility. 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, a ZIONIST INSIDE JOB, with the covert participation of top people in both the US and Israeli governments. It was the result of years of strategic planning, of making sure that not only could they execute this monsterous crime, but they could cover it up and use it to an advance a political agenda that would lead to the so-called war on terrorism.

Bollyn supplies in minute detail, the evidence that clearly shows how the mass murders were carried out and by whom. Islam was the perfect patsy, the perfect boogey man to rally the world. And the Zionist controlled media, was the perfect vehicle to sell it to the ignorant, brain washed masses. When those three towers collapsed, our trust and faith, our very liberties, our constitution, were turned to toxic dust right alongside them. The Patriot Act… if you don’t believe or question the “official” story, you’re a terrorist. Well, most people are happy and content to live in ignorance and fear. Internet privacy, the TSA, drones and other draconian measures, have become the post 9/11 America. GW Bush said “they (Islamic terrorists) hate us for our freedoms”… well our own so-called sworn to defend the US Constitution Presidents and elected leaders, have done more to destroy our country and our freedoms, than any terrorist ever could.

Christopher Bollyn is to be admired and applauded, for presenting 9/11 in a way that would more than convince all but the totally gullible brain dead, in that everything that happened was part of a huge false-flag, psych-op that involved the full co-operation of numerous traitors within our own military and security, not to mention our media and our judicial system. The work of dedicated Zionists, not Jews, but Zionists and Christian-Zionists, and a number of perverted patriots. In something as grave and serious as 9/11 and more so what has followed since, you should carefully read and study this book. And then, if you really do care what is happening now, you’ll want to educate others and maybe prevent the 9/11’s the exalted establishment has planned for us in the future! 

*  *  *  *  *

Book Review - Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World
The Idaho Observer, October 2009

No journalist has taken a deeper, harder look at 9-11 than Christopher Bollyn. Described as overwhelmingly precise and alarmingly accurate, Bollyn’s book, Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World, is available online at

Unflinching, in-depth and unapologetic, Bollyn has not backed off identifying the Mossad/Zionist powers as the puppet-masters pulling the strings that fateful September day.

“I am not like those who claimed to be 9-11 researchers, but who now say they have ‘moved beyond 9-11.’ How can anyone abandon the pursuit of the truth about 9-11 before the crime has been solved? Eight years after the terrorist attacks in which some 3,000 innocent people died, not one victim’s lawsuit has yet gone to trial. As a nation, Americans cannot allow 9-11 to go unsolved.

“How can we forget the hundreds of people who were roasted alive in the burning twin towers? How can we ignore the death and destruction that we, as a result, have wrongfully inflicted on the innocent people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Palestine? Who can accept an irresponsible administration dragging our military from one illegal war to another in the utterly fraudulent ‘war on terror,’ which the Bush administration promised will last for generations?

“If we, as Americans, don’t demand the truth about 9-11, who and what do we really stand for? Everything this administration has done for the past six years has been based on an unproven interpretation of the events of 9-11. What does it mean to be a citizen of ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ if we allow our minds and our nation to be so easily hijacked by government lies and propaganda? During the past few months, I have redoubled my efforts to solve 9-11. As the cover-up becomes more obvious and the guilty parties reveal themselves, this is the time to intensify the pressure, not give up.


“I cannot abide mass murder, occupation, and genocidal wars of aggression. Nor can I accept the corruption of our values and destruction of our basic American rights to suit an artificially imposed ‘war on terror.’ With the passage of time, it is now clear that 9-11 was carried out in order to kick-start the perverse Zionist Zeitgeist called the ‘war on terror’ with its pre-planned wars of aggression and occupation.

“In December 2001, veteran German intelligence professionals told me that 9-11 had been executed by a state-sponsored criminal network and had required years of planning. Eckehardt Werthebach, the former president of Germany’s domestic intelligence service, the Verfassungsschutz, told me in 2001 that ‘the deathly precision’ and ‘the magnitude of planning’ of the 9-11 attacks would have required ‘years of planning.’ Such a sophisticated operation, Werthebach said, would require the ‘fixed frame’ of a state intelligence organization, something not found in a ‘loose group’ like the one allegedly led by Mohammed Atta while he studied in Hamburg.

“If Werthebach’s analysis is correct, and I have every reason to believe it is, the official version is nothing but a pack of lies. This would mean that the members of the criminal network are still in the highest positions of power in the U.S., Israel, and other nations. The members of this network are dedicated to preventing the evidence from being released because it would expose the real perpetrators. This is the only logical reason why the 9-11 evidence has been suppressed, the investigation controlled, and the litigation and discovery processes obstructed.

“At this point, it should be clear that 9-11 will never be solved by the federal government, the appointed investigators or law enforcement agencies, or the corrupt courts. These controlled agencies, like the Zionist-controlled media, are only interested in controlling the information and preventing the real truth from being revealed. This crime will only be solved by concerned and dedicated independent researchers.”

Without Bollyn, the 9-11 Truth Movement is much less than truthful. Without Bollyn we don’t really know 9-11. Without Bollyn we don’t really know the crisis on Wall Street, the controlled demolition of General Motors, the truth about school shootings, and many other passages to the Byzantine labyrinth of world domination. A European publisher interested in publishing Bollyn’s 9-11 work hired a professional editor to thoroughly fact-check the most contentious chapter. Investigation of 95 points found each fact verified, correct and unassailable by reputable sources.

Bollyn was brutally assaulted and TASERed while handcuffed outside his home in front of his wife and daughter by body armored undercover police. Later he was charged with two manufactured misdemeanors and subjected to a kangaroo court. He wisely took his family to Europe prior to sentencing. Solely supported by reader contributions, Bollyn continues to dig to the bedrock of the issues that plague our country. With the internet in the cabal’s cross-hairs, supporting Bollyn’s desire to publish Solving 9-11 in hard copy is a patriotic action.

Source: The Idaho Observer, October 2009

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