The Gang of Czech Jews around the Collapses of 9-11

April 13, 2010

Anders Björkman’s article about the collapse of the World Trade Center entitled, “Discussion of ‘What Did and Did Not Cause Collapse of World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York’ by Bazant, Le, Greening and Benson” is scheduled for publication in the July 2010 issue of the Journal of Engineering Mechanics.

Fig. 6 – “Crush down” between floors 85 and 75. Upper Part C is evidently not visible, nor is Part B – Rubble/debris. It should be clear to everybody that WTC 1 is now blown apart by energy released inside the tower as described here.

In his recent posting “What did and did not Cause Collapse of WTC Twin Towers in New York,” Björkman wrote:

The Bazant theory can evidently not be verified in a laboratory or in reality for any structure of any size…

No structure of any size can be crushed by an upper part of itself from top down by gravity…

Question remains why Bazant & Co suggest the opposite? It is insane! Are Bazant & Co part of the conspiracy to destroy the WTC at NY?


Is Zdenek Bazant part of the conspiracy to destroy the World Trade Center?  Bazant is the Czech Jew who had a scientific paper ready – one day after 9-11 - to provide an explanation for how the Twin Towers were collapsed and pulverized – without explosives.  Frank Lampl is the Czech Jew whose company, Bovis Lend Lease, cleaned up the rubble of the World Trade Center, which had been leased by Frank Lowy, another Czech Jew, who had obtained the lease to the towers with Larry Silverstein just 6 weeks before they were destroyed.  

What is it with these Czech Jews and 9-11?  Is this an international gang of criminals or what?  Are they connected to the Czech Jew Madeleine Korbel Albright (born Marie Jana Korbelová in Prague, May 15, 1937) daughter of Josef Korbel, the mentor of George W. Bush’s Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice?  What a small world.

Sources and Recommended Reading:

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