The Israeli Plan: Frighten the West

April 30, 2016

To understand the ISIS terror attacks in the West, we need to identify the architectural-level players of the false-flag terrorism of our time.

From:  Israel’s Sacred Terrorism by Livia Rokach 

To Aharon Barkatt, then secretary general of Mapai, Sharett painted the following picture of Israel’s security establishment:

Dayan was ready to hijack planes and kidnap [Arab] officers from trains, but he was shocked by Lavon’s suggestion about the Gaza Strip. Maklef [who preceded Dayan as Chief of Staff] demanded a free hand to murder Shishakly but he was shaken when Lavon gave him a crazy order concerning the Syrian DMZ.

He [Lavon] inspired and cultivated the negative adventuristic trend in the army and preached the doctrine that not the Arab countries but the Western Powers are the enemy, and the only way to deter them from their plots is through direct actions that will terrorize them.

Peres shares the same ideology: he wants to frighten the West into supporting Israel’s aims.

Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett, Jan. 1955
“The Lavon Affair: Terrorism to Coerce the West”
Israel’s Sacred Terrorism 


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