Understanding the 9-11 Bombing of WTC-6

December 21, 2009

May Allah/God help you in your struggle for the truth. 
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– A supporter from London

“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”
– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Bar-Ilan University, April 2008

An amazingly callous Netanyahu told the New York Times on 9-11 (when early estimates were about 10,000 dead) that the terror attacks were “very good” for U.S.-Israeli relations.  His subsequent comments about how Israel was benefiting from 9-11 were made in Hebrew at Bar-Ilan University, a religious Zionist school, and were directed at an audience that is certainly well aware of Israel’s involvement in the false-flag terror of 9-11.  These comments were obviously not meant to be translated for worldwide reading (the original article was published in the Hebrew language newspaper Maariv) and should be seen as a sort of public confession in which the leader of the Likud, Israel’s right-wing extremist movement, sought to rationalize the Israeli false-flag terror atrocity on the United States.  Joe Lockhart, spokesman for President Bill Clinton, described Netanyahu as “one of the most obnoxious individuals you’re going to come into – just a liar and a cheat. He could open his mouth and you could have no confidence that anything that came out of it was the truth.”  It’s high time for an international arrest warrant to be put out for Netanyahu and Ehud Barak to be tried for terrorism and war crimes.


The split-second precision of the bombing of WTC 6 reveals the sophisticated military planning of the criminal mastermind behind 9-11.  The blatant cover-up of this explosion, witnessed by hundreds of gagged members of New York’s fire and police departments, is ample evidence of the complicity of the controlled media to hide the truth of what happened on 9-11, along with the mayors of New York City and the U.S. government. 

I contacted the archives of CNN during the summer of 2002 to inquire about the precise time of their video footage of a huge dust cloud coming from a mysterious blast that appeared to have occurred at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) at about 9:03 a.m. — the same minute that the second plane struck the South Tower on 9-11.  The raw video material has precise time markings, which they provided.

The mysterious explosion at the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) occurred at 9:04 a.m. on 9-11, at exactly the same time as the second plane crashed into the South Tower.

As I reported in my article “What Caused the WTC 6 Crater?” of July 10, 2002, CNN confirmed to me that the mysterious blast had occurred at precisely the same moment that the second plane struck the South Tower:

Despite the fact that the horrible events of September 11 occurred in broad daylight and were widely photographed, significant aspects of the attacks have been completely suppressed by a media blackout. A massive explosion, witnessed by millions of television viewers on CNN, evidently devastated WTC 6, the 8-story U.S. Customs House, although no national newspaper or media outlet has said a word about it.

The unexplained blast occurred between the burning North Tower and the 47-story Salomon Brothers Building, known as WTC 7, immediately after United Airlines Flight 175 smashed into the South Tower, at about 9:03 a.m. The explosion at WTC 6 was shown afterwards on CNN. Because it not broadcast as it happened there has been some confusion about when it actually occurred. The large amount of smoke seen cascading around the South Tower in the video led some observers to mistake the blast for a dust cloud from the subsequent collapse of the tower.


I contacted CNN to determine exactly when the footage was filmed. CNN’s Public Affairs Department confirmed that the explosion shown in the footage occurred immediately after the second plane had crashed into the South Tower. When asked if the footage was taken at 9:04 a.m., the CNN archivist who could not give his last name, said, “That’s correct.”  When asked if CNN could offer any explanation about what might have caused the blast that clearly reached 550 feet, soaring higher than the 47-story WTC 7 in the foreground, the archivist said, “We can’t figure it out.”

When I revisited this subject in June 2009, I examined some photos by the late Bill Biggert that showed that WTC 6 had been badly damaged before the collapse of either tower.  I also discussed the discovery by Kurt Sonnenfeld, a FEMA photographer, now living in exile in Argentina, that the underground vault of the building had been cleaned out before 9-11.  This story is extremely important because it reveals that there was a criminal mastermind behind 9-11 who was able to time the explosion in WTC 6 to coincide exactly with the crash of the airplane into the South Tower.  It also reveals that the terror attack was designed to conceal the theft of the contents of the underground vaults – evidence of serious crimes and valuables such as gold.  This is identical to the Zionist terror bombing of Jerusalem’s King David Hotel on July 22, 1946, during the British Mandate. 

The King David Hotel was blown up by Zionist terrorists in a way that was very similar to the bombing of the U.S. Customs House (WTC 6) on 9-11.  The people who blew up the King David Hotel were known terrorists from the Irgun and Haganah.  The children of these terrorists are the current leaders of Israel.  Why do good law-abiding Jews continue to support these terrorists?  Jabotinsky, Begin, Sharon, and Netanyahu are very much like Bar Kochba and his Jewish Zealots of the past – fanatics who led their people to destruction.

The King David Hotel served as headquarters for the British forces, and housed the evidence that would have resulted in many of these Zionist terrorists being hanged.  The destruction of this evidence was the primary reason for the bombing, which was carried out by Irgun and Haganah terrorists.  The commander of the Irgun terror gang from 1943-1948 was Menachem Begin who later became Israel’s sixth prime minister in the 1970s and 1980s.  The head of terror operations for the Irgun was Yerucham Livni from Grodno, father of Israel’s former foreign minister Tzipi Livni (who is currently wanted for war crimes in Britain).  The children of these Zionist terrorists from the 1940s are the leaders of Israel today.

The Zionist terror bombing of the King David Hotel in July 1946 was ordered by Menachem Begin and approved by David Ben Gurion.  Eitan Livni, chief operations officer for the Irgun terror gang had been arrested in April 1946 and was in prison at the time.

Menachem Begin, a Zionist from Brest-Litovsk, was arrested by the NKVD in 1940

Begin, the arch-terrorist of Zionism, is Netanyahu’s mentor and idol.  There are no limits or laws to constrain such fanatics.

When Netanyahu became prime minister on March 31, 2009, Begin’s son Benny sat right behind him.  Netanyahu’s father was executive secretary for Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the founder of the Irgun and Haganah – and the Zionist terror group that became the Likud party.

The Zionist-controlled media in the United States and Britain have ignored the evidence of the huge explosion that destroyed WTC 6 as the plane crash distracted cameras and onlookers.  This was the plan.  It is like a circus where the attention of the audience is controlled by the use of spotlights that illuminate one act while the rest of the arena is in darkness.  In this respect, the bombing of WTC 6 is like the huge debris field that is about one mile from the small crater where we are told the plane crashed in Shanksville.  The public’s attention is focused on the twenty-foot crater while the real evidence is kept hidden from the prying eyes of the press.

The following photographs and analysis by Jack White, professional photographer, reveal that WTC 6 was bombed at 9:04 on 9-11 and that the controlled media is complicit in the criminal cover-up of the truth.  These photos can be seen in full size on Jack White’s website or here:

A photo of New York firemen fighting the fire of the bombed WTC 6 – before either tower fell

An analysis showing the two different events – one hour apart

The Biggert photo shows the pre-damaged WTC 6 as the South Tower is pulverized with super-thermite.

A photo of the WTC 6 blast

An analysis of the moment that the plane struck and WTC 6 was exploded 


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