Voxeo’s Ties to 9-11 and the Israeli Military

January 5, 2008

Voxeo, the mysterious telephone-computer universal messaging company that tallied the Iowa caucus results in 2004 – and probably also in 2008 – is closely tied to the Israeli military and the Israeli criminals, e.g. Kobi Alexander, and the technology stealing companies that are known to have had prior knowledge of 9-11.
It should be no big surpise that pro-Israel and pro-war Democrats such as John Kerry and Barack Obama won Iowa — when you consider the Israeli company who controlled the data. According to the results of the Iowa caucus of January 3, the most pro-war Democratic candidate, Sen. Barack Obama from Chicago, is now the front runner in the presidential race of 2008.
How odd. In the party – and the nation – in which large majorities are strongly opposed to the illegal, costly, and disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mr. Obama won against all odds. His Israeli colleague from Chicago, Rep. Rahm Emanuel, the son of an Irgun (Zionist) terrorist, is certainly well pleased. Rep. Rahm Emanuel is an Israeli member of Congress from Chicago. His father was a member of the Zionist terrorist gang, the Irgun. Many of the current Israeli leaders have similar pedigrees. 
How very odd that the young black senator, whose father came to America from Kenya, won the caucus in a rural state with one of the smallest black populations in the United States. The population of Iowa is 95 percent white and is only about 2.5 percent Black/African-American. What is it that makes Mr. Obama so popular with the white farmers of Iowa? Is it his willingness to enlarge the war to Iran? Are the people of Iowa eager to wage nuclear war in the Middle East? As a person who has spent a lot of time in Iowa, I must say that I don’t believe, in the slightest, that the results of the Iowa caucus are correct.
It’s just like the Iowa caucus of 2004, when the Skull & Bones boy and pro-war candidate Sen. John Forbes Kerry of Massachusetts unexpectedly won. Kerry was in 5th or 6th place in Iowa polls going into the caucus and – against all odds – came from behind to win. A miracle must have happened – or was it fraud?
In my December 31, 2007 article, entitled “Elron – Voxeo: The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies the Iowa Caucus,” I explained the basics about how the results of the Iowa caucus have been tallied by a company connected to Elron Electronic Industries, an Israeli company closely connected to the Israeli military. Voxeo handled the data in 2004 and probably played the same role in 2008.
Although I have been investigating the Voxeo connection to the Iowa caucus since 2004, the early caucus in Iowa caught me by surprise coming so soon after the New Year. When I heard it was coming up on Thursday after the New Year I knew I had to write about this bizarre out-sourcing of the results of the Iowa caucus to Voxeo, the mysterious company connected to the military establishment of the State of Israel.
I had at hand my correspondence with officials in the State of Iowa about the subject of Voxeo tallying the results of the Democratic caucus in 2004. In that correspondence, however, it is very clear that my information came from individuals within the Democratic Party of Iowa and that this is a subject which the public and the media are not supposed to know about. Everybody wanted to deny Voxeo’s role, but I was very fortunate to have learned that Voxeo was involved in the 2004 caucus during a visit to the Democratic Party Headquarters in Des Moines in the summer of 2004.
Voxeo was clearly the data bottleneck or check-point through which the caucus results were “fixed” to give Kerry the state of Iowa in 2004 – and probably giving Sen. Obama the state in 2008. There is no other logical reason for an out-of-state company tied to the State of Israel to tally the results. It makes no sense at all for the Iowa caucus results to be handled by anyone other than the officials of the Iowa Democratic Party – unless, of course, there is a pressing need to manipulate the data before handing it back to the party officials in Des Moines – and the press.
As I noted in the December 31st article, Jonathan Taylor, the CEO and President of Voxeo, worked for several years (1997-1999) producing software for MediaGate Inc., the Israeli company owned by Elron, which had bought his company InterResearch and Development Group (IRdg), Inc. in 1997. IRdg became a division of MediaGate at that time.
IRdg, founded by Taylor and his colleague John Higgins in the Orlando area in 1995, became the Central Florida division of MediaGate of Ra’anana, Israel in 1997. Although all U.S. media reports suggest that MediaGate was a Silicon Valley company in the San Jose area, this is nothing but dishonest reporting. I have not found a single article in the U.S. media that correctly reported that MediaGate was an Israeli company. How very odd.
Like other Mossad spawned companies in the United States, MediaGate is based in Israel, in Ra’anana. It only maintained two offices in the United States in order to buy (and perhaps steal) technology and re-sell it to gullible and naive Americans. That is the basic Israeli business model in America.
The technology the Israelis obtained from IRdg was message retrieval software which combined Internet, phone-mail and fax communications. Messages in any form can then be retrieved via computer or telephone. How useful. Can anyone with the right connection then retrieve these messages? Could this be where those strange phone messages from 9-11 victims came from?  
You might notice the similarity of this American-designed telephonic-computer technology to the Odigo system owned by Israel’s Comverse and its criminal CEO Kobi Alexander and his fellow Mossadniks. This is the technology which was used to convey instant text messages warning of the attacks at the World Trade Center – several hours before the attack.
Odigo didn’t develop this technology or software – they stole it. Comverse is closely connected to MediaGate and obtained the IRdg technology through the Elron subsidiary.
Elron, the parent company who owned IRdg, and for whom Mr. Taylor wrote software for two years, is also the parent company of Elbit, “a leading factor in defense electronics in Israel.” The technology that Elron obtained through its subsidiary MediaGate in 1997 became the property of the company that develops “defense electronics” for the State of Israel. Taylor and his software team then went to work for the Israelis – in California.
In late 1999, Taylor and Higgins “left” MediaGate to start a new company, Voxeo, with Gary L. Reback, the Jewish lawyer from Knoxville, Tennessee. The Reback family has strong ties to B’nai B’rith (a secret Jewish Masonic organization founded in New York in 1843) and the State of Israel. Reback is best known for his central role in the bizarre lawsuits against Microsoft. Reback, the Zionist lawyer who founded Voxeo, was the first CEO of the company, which he left his high-profile law firm to found. He only stayed in that position at Voxeo for less than one year – until the transition was complete. His job was done.
If this sounds something like the way the Worcester, Mass. Zionist Jewish lawyer named Michael Goff, another son of B’nai B’rith, founded Ptech, you are seeing the pattern. Voxeo and IRdg are cut from the exact same pattern – the Mossad model of doing business in America: the cut-out.
The Voxeo story and its role in the Iowa caucus is very important because it shows the real mechanism how the Israeli military is able to control elections in the United States. There are all kinds of connections between Voxeo and Mossad and 9-11. The Israeli criminal high-tech gang is rather small, after all.
The Voxeo and IRdg caucus-fixing story from Iowa reaches much further than Des Moines. It touches points across the Israeli network that is involved in 9-11 at the highest level. Voxeo and IRdg are not just fixing the Iowa caucus results. They are closely connected to 9-11 and the technology thieves who were behind that huge crime.

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