What you don’t know about the Bilderberg Group

May 19, 2011

George Soros and Carl Bildt were photographed by Christopher Bollyn during the 2000 Bilderberg conference in Belgium. 

The idea that the Bilderberg Group is behind the creation of a mysterious future World Government has been spreading for years. Having had access to the archives of this very secret club, Thierry Meyssan shows that this belief leads in a false direction, serving to mask the true identity and function of the Group. In reality, the Bilderberg Group is a creation of NATO. It aims to influence key leaders on a global scale and, through them, to manipulate public opinion to get it to embrace the ideas and actions of the Northern Atlantic Alliance.
“What you don’t know about the Bilderberg Group” by Thierry Meyssan

Thierry Meyssan’s article about the Bilderberg Group is highly recommended.  Having covered several Bilderberg conferences, I find his article on this group to be very enlightening and logical.  The article can be read at: http://www.voltairenet.org/article169651.html 

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