When is a Massacre not a Massacre?

December 19, 2012

WHITE PHOSPHORUS ON THE U.N. SCHOOL – The Israeli military used a banned weapon, white phosphorus, on the U.N. school in Beit Lahia (Gaza) on January 17, 2009.  Some 1,600 people had sought shelter in the U.N. school.  President-elect Obama was completely silent about the Gaza Massacre.  Obama doesn’t criticize Israeli war crimes and atrocities; he gives them more bombs.  One should ask, who does Obama really represent?


Four years ago, on December 27, the third day of Christmas, the Israeli military began its criminal assault on the defenseless population of the occupied Gaza Strip.  The Israeli military called its 22-day assault “Operation Cast Lead.”  Others simply call it the Gaza Massacre. 

A massacre it surely was with numerous war crimes and atrocities, perpetrated mainly by the Israeli military, which has vastly superior firepower, thanks to the advanced weapons and technology supplied by the U.S. government – and paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.

The Palestinians suffered some 1,417 killed and 5,303 injured during the Gaza Massacre.  At least 926 of the Palestinians killed (66 percent) were civilians.  The Israelis, on the other hand, lost 10 soldiers and 3 civilians.  Four of the soldiers died from “friendly fire.” 

The Israeli bombing began at 11:30 a.m. on December 27 with a wave of airstrikes in which American-made F-16 fighter jets and Apache attack helicopters simultaneously struck 100 targets within 220 seconds.  The Israeli attack began precisely at the time between school shifts, when the greatest number of Palestinian school children were on their way to or from school.  Israeli critics have pointed out that this timing was purely intentional.

Israel’s criminal attacks on school children and their schools continued throughout the three-week assault with schools being targeted with mortar shells and the hellish banned weapon – white phosphorus.  One school, run by the United Nations, was actually targeted with white phosphorus shells only a few days before the inauguration of Barack Obama. 

THE SLAUGHTER AT AL FAKHURA SCHOOL – Israeli forces shelled the U.N.-operated school on January 6, 2009, killing 42 people.  The Daily Mail (UK) reported:  “The slaughter at Al Fakhora school in the Jabalya refugee camp was the worst single incident since the offensive was launched 11 days ago. Some 350 people were sheltering in the school and many local residents were in the immediate area, thinking it would be safe, when the shells exploded in mid-afternoon.  Many of the victims were left lying in the street in pools of blood and the nearby hospital was overwhelmed. Photographer Majed Hamdan said: ‘I saw parents slapping their faces in grief, screaming, some collapsed to the floor. They knew their children were dead.’ ”


The Guardian (UK) reported in January 2009 that the Israeli military was carrying out the systematic destruction of schools and centers of education in the Gaza Strip. “In the current offensive, Israel began attacking Gaza’s educational institutions immediately,” the Guardianreported on January, 10, 2009. “On only the second and third day of air attacks last week, Israeli planes wreaked severe damage in direct strikes on Gaza’s Islamic University. The main buildings were devastated, destroying administrative records, and, of course, ending studies. The Ministry of Education has been hit twice by direct hits from the air.” 

THE BOMBING OF THE AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL – On January 3, 2009, the Israeli air force destroyed the American International School, the first international school in Gaza, with American-made bombs dropped from American-made fighter jets – all paid for by the U.S. taxpayer.  Obama’s response to the Israeli war crimes in Gaza?  Give them more bombs, and bigger ones.

The Israeli bombing of the American International School
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President-elect Obama refrained from criticizing the Israeli military assault at the time, but said he would have “plenty to say” – after the inauguration.  After the inauguration, however, President Obama said nothing about the many Israeli atrocities committed during the Gaza Massacre.

Four years later, in November 2012, the Israeli military once again attacked the defenseless population of Gaza, the week after Obama won a second term.  Once again, the Israeli military used American-made planes to launch American-made bombs on the civilian population of Gaza, killing some 170 people, mostly civilians, and injuring 971.  Once again, Obama was completely silent about the use of American-made weapons on the civilian population of Gaza.

The day before the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, I was shocked to read in Business Insider that the U.S. Department of Defense plans to provide the Israel Air Force with 10,000 new bombs ”” more than half of which are bunker-busters.  The cost of the new bombs for Israel was reported to be $647 million - paid for with the thousands of millions of taxpayer dollars provided to Israel every year by the U.S. Congress.

The Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that the U.S. bomb deal would serve to “renew the inventory of the Israel Defense Forces following the massive bombings in Gaza during Operation Pillar of Defense.”

It should be noted that both Israeli military assaults (2008/09 and 2012) on Gaza were headed by Ehud Barak, a terror mastermind and war criminal who is one of the key suspects of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11.  For the Obama administration to provide more weapons to a party that is known to use them to commit atrocities and war crimes – is criminal.

Compare the difference in how Obama treats the Gaza Massacre and the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  Both were clearly crimes of mass murder, but the Israeli perpetrators have been rewarded – with more guns and bombs.  How much sense does that make?

Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter in Newtown, was not allowed under Connecticut law to possess or carry weapons.  That is to say that if an alert citizen had notified the Newtown police that a suspicious armed person wearing body armor was driving around town on December 14… things might have turned out differently.  (This is what I did when I saw a suspicious vehicle with armed men around my house in August 2006.)

In any case, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, under the law, was not allowed to carry weapons in Connecticut and had been turned away when he tried to buy a rifle a couple days before the shooting.  This is correct.  The law worked.  He apparently then turned to his mother’s arsenal at home for the firepower he wanted to carry out the massacre.  All the weapons he allegedly used on that terrible day were illegal for him to possess or carry under the law.

On the other hand, under Obama, Ehud Barak and the criminals who rule Israel get away with mass murder, time and again.  Not only does the United States government protect these criminals in important places like the United Nations, the Obama administration even provides them with more bombs and weapons so they can carry out their next massacre.  How much sense does that make?


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