Why Are Honest 9-11 Researchers Targeted?

By Christopher Bollyn

I am an independent journalist who has investigated the events of 9/11 since that terrible day in which our lives and national political reality were so drastically changed.
My original 9/11 research and articles have resulted in several discoveries that are central to understanding what really happened at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the reclaimed mine in Lambertsville, Pennsylvania.
Unfortunately, because my discoveries do not support the official government conspiracy version, I was branded an “anti-government conspiracy theorist” by those who refuse to consider any evidence that contradicts or challenges the official version.
Last August 15, a gang of three undercover cops came to my house and brutally assaulted me during an unjustified arrest. I was TASERed while handcuffed and restrained by two men and my right elbow was broken in front of my wife and 8-year-old daughter.
My research and writings had long made me a target of those who are dedicated to promoting the lies about 9/11. The vicious smears of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and others of their ilk clearly contributed to the malice I am being subjected to. The ADL attacks against me for my 9/11 research began in November 2001.
Naturally, the brutal police assault (and the subsequent malicious prosecution) has taken a heavy toll on me and my family. That night, I was thrown into a cell with no water and told to “drink from the toilet.”
Although I had been torturously TASERed while restrained in handcuffs and held down by two men and my elbow had been fractured – no medical attention was given to me the entire time I was held by the Hoffman Estates police, despite a promise from the sergeant on duty.
When I asked why undercover cops with body armor had been prowling around my house for two nights in a row, the arresting officer replied in a spiteful tone – “We are watching you.”
Where did the very obvious malice of the Hoffman Estates Police Department come from? This is the question I have been asking since last August 15. What had I done to deserve this treatment from the local police? What had they been told about me?
I was subsequently charged with two trumped-up misdemeanor charges and immediately became the subject of a well-orchestrated international campaign to discredit me – and by extension my writings and research.  Who was controlling the hidden hand behind this campaign?
Three weeks after I was assaulted and TASERed, the ADL (founded in Chicago in 1913) came out with a national press release in which I was described as “a writer for the conspiracy-oriented newspaper” that disseminated “anti-Semitic propaganda.”

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Israel’s two biggest newspapers followed suit, one calling me “one of the more prolific conspiracists” and charging me with “blood libel.”
I now face a jury trial on May 31st in the Cook County Circuit Court and would appreciate if you would contact the mayor and police chief of Hoffman Estates and express your concern for what happened to me in this nation that cherishes free speech.
In today’s America, what happened to me could happen to anyone. For that reason this matter needs to be addressed by concerned citizens.
The contact information is available here:
Three weeks after I was assaulted and arrested, 9/11 researcher Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University was slandered on the local NPR affiliate as an “anti-Semite” and removed from his teaching position at that prestigious Mormon school in Provo, Utah.
Jones and I had collaborated in the spring of 2006 on his research into the molten metal seen at the World Trade Center. I had learned and reported about the molten iron found in the basements of the three collapsed towers in the summer of 2002. These reports had piqued the interest of Jones several years later. His scientific interest resulted in a thesis that Thermite-type cutter charges had been used to facilitate the destruction of the twin towers and the 47-story WTC 7.
I took Jones’ research to the University of California at Davis where I met with Professor Thomas Cahill. Cahill had collected data and analyzed the particles of the smoke (with a Davis DRUM) that rose from the WTC debris pile from early October until Christmas 2001. The extraordinary abundance of nano-size particles in the bluish smoke indicated that the molten metal beneath the towers was hotter than the boiling point of iron and the other metals found in the bluish smoke. This is the kind of evidence that those who support the official version hate.
Were the attacks on me and Professor Jones related? Were we attacked, slandered, and discredited because we were asking too many questions about 9/11?
In her recent article, “War and the Police State: Complicity of the American People,” Donna J. Thorne wrote, “Fearing exposure, the Czars of Propaganda know that ‘Truthers’ must be branded and discredited if government corruption and corporate fraud is to flourish unabated.”
Link to the article in Global Research 
“Fear attempts to silence dissenters,” Thorne wrote. “As the Truth Movement gains momentum and amasses credibility, the fear profiteers have begun heralding yet another ‘threat’ to National Security – inquiring minds. This is both good news and bad news. We are no longer ignorable. Fearing exposure, the Czars of Propaganda know that ‘Truthers’ must be branded and discredited if government corruption and corporate fraud is to flourish unabated. This said, prepare for an intensified Smear-and-Fear Campaign. Any group or individual who vocally questions the official story of 9/11 or who exercises the right to demand Government accountability will be labeled ‘Anti-American and Anti-Patriotic.'”
As a nation of free men and women – will we allow this? Will we stand up for the Truth – or will we quietly submit to the lies?
Chris Bollyn and Prof. Jones in BYU
Photo courtesy of Helje Kaskel

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