Why the “Mastermind of 9-11” is Kept Secluded

Updated: October 9, 2010

On the ninth anniversary of the “War on Terror” the lead editorial of the global edition of the New York Times suggested that the accused “Mastermind of 9/11”, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will probably never be put on trial.  

These interesting comments from the New York Times were found in its editorial entitled “Military Injustice”, a piece that was published in the New York edition on October 6:

There are more than 170 inmates left in Guantánamo. Only 36 have been referred for prosecution, some very dangerous men. Forty-eight are in a long-term detention that is certainly illegal. Almost all the rest are in limbo while the Obama team tries to figure out what to do. The chances are dimming every day that prisoners like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, will ever be brought to justice. 

The only inmate on trial in Guantánamo is Omar Khadr, a Canadian who was accused at age 15 of killing an American soldier in Afghanistan. He has been held in extralegal detention for more than eight years, and the military has been attempting to try him since 2005. The thin evidence against him is tainted by his credible allegations of abuse.

This is the first time, to my knowledge, that a newspaper of record like the New York Times has acknowledged what I have said for years: the U.S. government will not put on trial the man they say is the “Mastermind of 9/11.”  Go figure. 

The editors of the New York Times, however, don’t tell you the real reason why the man accused of being behind the terror atrocity of 9/11 is not being brought to court.  For that information you would have to read the articles that I have written about this subject on Bollyn.com, several of which can be found at the bottom of this updated article.

The basic reason that there will be no trial for the so-called “Mastermind of 9/11” is because the suspect being held at Guantánamo is neither Khalid Sheikh Mohammed nor the “Mastermind of 9/11”, and the U.S. government and military are well aware of that.   

The New York Times is floating the idea now to prepare public opinion for the bizarre outcome I have predicted since March 2007.  There will be no trial because the U.S. does not have a case against the man they say is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  For that matter, they don’t even have Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

See Editorial – “Civil Justice, Military Injustice”, New York Times, October 5, 2010

Nine years after 9-11, the U.S. government is letting the so-called “mastermind” of 9-11 languish in “legal limbo” in Guantanamo.  Why would they do that?   If they have a case against the man they claim to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, why don’t they make it?  What are they waiting for?  Why is this criminal process being obstructed, just like the 9-11 tort litigation in the court of Alvin K. Hellerstein?  Who does Attorney General Eric Himpton Holder really represent?


Attorney General Eric Holder on Face the Nation on July 11 gave lame excuses for the U.S. government’s failure to hold a trial for the so-called “mastermind” of 9-11.  The real reason the U.S. can’t hold the trial is because the man they have is neither Khalid Sheikh Mohammed nor the mastermind of 9-11.  It is all a pack of lies and they are probably just waiting for him to die so they can close the book on this sordid Zionist atrocity.  Is Eric Holder working for the Zionists?

Eric Himpton Holder Jr., No. 33, at Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan in 1969, “whose students were primarily white and Jewish.” Holder learned at a young age to navigate different worlds…”After fourth grade, my schools were largely white, predominantly Jewish,” recalls Holder. 

Eric Holder not only studied with Jews, his family vacationed with the most elite Jewish Zionist families in the United States.  Here, the Holder family returns on a BOAC flight from Bermuda in April 1956 with the family of the mega-Zionist Edward Warburg.  Warburg’s mother was the only daughter of Jacob Schiff.   Eric Holder may have Jewish roots on his father’s side of the family.  Eric Holder’s relationship with highest-level Zionists explains his appointment to serve as U.S. Attorney General.


An Associated Press news story of July 31, entitled “U.S. Stalls on Sept. 11 Trial for 5 at Gitmo”, reported on the “black hole” in which the alleged mastermind of 9-11 has been placed.  A black hole is a dark spot in the universe from which even light cannot escape.  Why is the terror mastermind of 9-11 in a black hole created by the U.S. government?  

As the U.S. military prepares for the first war crimes trial under President Barack Obama, its most high-profile case against the planners of the Sept. 11 attacks is stuck in political and legal limbo.

Canadian prisoner Omar Khadr, accused of killing an American soldier during a raid on an al-Qaida compound, is scheduled to go to trial Aug. 9 at the U.S. base in Cuba.

But Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the professed mastermind of the attacks, and four alleged accomplices are still sequestered at Guantanamo without charges. The Obama administration, after months of review, hasn’t made a decision on whether to seek a military or civilian trial…

“There’s no case, there’s no judge, there’s nothing,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Richard Federico, a military lawyer appointed to defend alleged plotter Ramzi bin al Shibh. “They are back into the black hole.”

“U.S. Stalls on Sept. 11 Trial for 5 at Gitmo” by Ben Fox, AP, July 31, 2010

This is a government scam I have reported on for years.  Here is where I left off last February:

On February 7, President Barack Obama acknowledged fierce opposition to his plans to bring accused 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) to justice in New York, but would not rule out such a trial.

David E. Klett, a retired professor of thermodynamics, had the real KSM in several of his classes.  Asked about the photo (above) of the person said to be the terror mastermind, Klett said, “I did not recognize that person.  I never saw that face before.”

The administration says that it wants to prosecute Sheikh Mohammed and four co-defendants in a federal court in lower Manhattan, close to the site of the World Trade Center attack which killed nearly 3,000 people in 2001.

But the plan has faced opposition from local lawmakers and authorities who have balked at the huge costs of such a trial, while others have warned of perceived security implications.

“I have not ruled it out, but I think it is important for us to take into account the practical logistical issues involved,” Obama said in a live interview from the White House on CBS.  “If you have got a city that is saying no, and a police department that is saying no, and a mayor that is saying no, that makes it difficult,” Obama said.

But he added: “we have not ruled out anything — we will make a definitive judgement based on consultations with all the relevant authorities.”  New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg initially welcomed the idea of holding a September 11 trial in New York, but reversed his position last month, saying that a military base would make more sense as a venue.

“It’s going to cost an awful lot of money and disturb an awful lot of people,” Bloomberg said. ”Can we provide security? Yes. Could you provide security elsewhere? Yeah, and I mean the suggestion of a military base is probably a reasonably good one.”


I was not at all surprised to read that officials in New York City took David Axelrod aside and told him that the city could not allow the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and other 9-11 suspects to go ahead.  I never expected that this trial would go ahead in anything resembling an open court.  It is clear that this trial cannot go ahead.  The media discussion about the high cost of security is just the cover story.  The FBI and the U.S. government do not want it to be exposed that a scapegoat has been used to push the fraudulent “War on Terror.”

After a dinner in New York on Dec. 14, Steven Spinola, president of the Real Estate Board of New York, pulled aside David Axelrod, President Obama’s closest adviser, to convey an urgent plea: move the 9/11 trial out of Manhattan.
Source: “U.S. Drops Plan for a 9/11 Trial in New York City”, New York Times, January 29, 2010

The Obama administration will not have an open 9-11 trial because it would expose the fraud that the person said to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed is not the terror mastermind of 9-11.  He is, in fact, not even Khalid Sheik Mohammed.  The person said to be KSM is a “feeble-minded” man named Ahmed Abdul Qudoos.  He has been scapegoated and made to fill in for the real KSM, who was killed in Pakistan.

The real KSM studied mechanical engineering at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University.

The man said (by U.S. officials) to be Khalid Sheik Mohammed is clearly not a bright-eyed and articulate English speaking engineer.

Is the so-called KSM really Ahmed Abdul Qudoos?

The U.S. government cannot hold an open trial in the United States with the false KSM because there are people in the United States who knew and remember the real KSM, such as his former teachers in North Carolina.  As I wrote in 2007:

Furthermore, the real KSM was a person who had traveled and worked extensively across Asia and had lived in many foreign countries, from the United States to the Philippines to Bosnia.  With this level of education and foreign travel, the real KSM would have a much greater command of the English language than what we find in the transcript.

There were no defense attorneys or members of the press allowed to the secret hearing in which the military tribunal heard the confession of the alleged architect of 9/11.

“The Detainee served as the head of the Al Qaida military committee and was Osama bin Laden’s principal Al Qaida operative who directed the 11 September 2001 attacks in the United States,” the statement said.

“I was responsible for the 9/11 operation, from A to Z,” the detainee said through an interpreter, according to the transcript of the hearing.  He also claimed responsibility for the 1993 bombing at the World Trade Center.

The detainee sat with an Arabic interpreter to his left and a U.S. military officer who was his official representative to his right.

“I not take the oath…” the detainee said in broken English about why he was not taking an oath in the court.  “Just to explain for this one, does not mean I’m not saying that I’m lying.  When I not take oath does not mean I’m lying.”

“I understand,” the tribunal president said.

But how can such meaningless gibberish coming from an unidentified detainee who has not taken an oath be seen by anyone as a credible confession?

No photographs accompanied the release of the KSM confession and there are very few photos of the person who is accused of being the terrorist mastermind of our time. 

To see if the disheveled, hairy, and overweight person said to be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed resembled the mechanical engineering student that studied in Greensboro in the 1980s, I contacted the engineering faculty of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University.

David E. Klett, a retired professor of thermodynamics, had the real KSM in several of his classes.  Asked about the photos of the person said to be the terror mastermind, Klett said, “I did not recognize that person.  I never saw that face before.”

– Source: “The Absence of Justice for 9/11 Victims”, Christopher Bollyn, March 20, 2007

To understand the real reason for the abrupt cancellation of the planned 9-11 trial in Manhattan, read the following article, especially the articles at the bottom about the identity fraud concerning the real KSM.

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